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Smoke & Mirrors, National Gallery Singapore

Nestled on top of the National Gallery, you'll find nothing but the amazing view of the city, warm hospitality and a delightfully creative cocktail menu to indulge in. Headed by one of Singapore’s top bartenders, Yugnes and his amazing team, you can be sure you’ll be taken care of when you step into Smoke and Mirrors, especially if you intend to come here with a really special someone.

I started my evening out with the Velvet Gin & Tonic ($22++), and it really lived up to its name. Anyone who knows me would know that I am just unable to enjoy Gin & Tonic, no matter how much I try. Their interpretation has really changed my perception, as the coconut flavours really pull away the attention from the harsh tonic flavour, which is what I usually have trouble drinking. Hence, “velvet” was definitely the right choice of word for this drink. This was also one of the cocktails that Smoke and Mirrors sent out for the Gin Jubilee competition, and it is highly worth checking out along with the view.

Next up was the M.C-N.L. ($24++) At an attempt to replicate real soil, the edible soil was made out of Pu Er tea and dehydrated bread, which makes a good match for the drink. Although, this M.C.-N.L. was made with a cocoa vodka base, the rest of the flavours such as the coconut nectar and sweet vermouth led it to taste almost like a non-alcoholic milkshake, which made this super easy to drink. I am definitely coming back for this!

Purple Gringo ($24++) was similar to an Old Fashioned but with sweet notes in it, it is a definitely strong drink to carry if you are not used to taking drinks neat. Mixed with Sherry and Juniper agave, any whiskey lover would be able to appreciate the dimensions of this cocktail, and if you feel overwhelmed by the burst of flavours, it comes with a slice of cucumber and miso caviar to help you power through this strong drink.

Smoke & Mirrors ($24++) was just a lovely play not only on the flavours but different textures. With a tequila and aperol base, this drink and comes with edible landscape made of apple and cardamom, it is really a unique mix of elements you don’t really find anywhere else.

Of course, you would have the munchies when you visit a bar and here are some of the bar bites that we think you might like while taking in the sights of the city at Smoke and Mirrors:

Spiced Calamari Rings with Homemade Dip ($14++)

Half Peking Duck with Homemade Crêpe and Traditional Garnishes ($30++)

Smoke & Mirrors

National Gallery Singapore

1 St. Andrew's Road,


Singapore 178957

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri - 3pm to 1am

Sat & Sun - 12pm to 2am

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