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Sizzling Hot Stone & Fry Pan Shokudo - Japan Foods Garden, Shaw Centre

We’ve covered Japan Foods Garden a couple of times and I’ve always enjoyed their affordable and delicious Japanese stalls and their new dishes are no exceptions.

The last time I was at Fry Pan Shokudo, I was impressed by their crispy katsu sets that weren’t too oily, and it's no surprise that their new tendon bowls keeps the same oil-free crunch in their tempura.

Besides the usual spicy and non-spicy options, there’s a third alternative -- Gojuchang Tendon ($11.90) -- which is drizzled with their special tendon sauce, with a generous amount of gojuchang, which is a Korean chili paste found at the the bottom of the bowl. I personally would have loved a spicier version of this, but this sweeter chili will definitely appeal to those who can’t take dishes that are too spicy but still want a little kick.

Next up, we had Sizzling Hot Stone’s own interpretation of the ever popular tendons. Introducing the first ever Hot Stone Tendon ($11.80) in Singapore. If you can’t decide whether to have an oyako don or tendon then look no further. I loved their oyako don as it is, and the dish can only get better with crispy fried tempura on them.

And if fried food isn’t your thing (why would that be the case though?!), Sizzling Hot Stone is also launching two soup pots.

Their Health & Beauty Pot ($9.80) is a hearty miso based soup filled with salmon and assorted vegetables.

Meanwhile, I prefered their Spicy Chicken Pot ($9.80) more (no surprises here). You can also upgrade the meats to beef (additional $4) or pork (additional $3) to suit your preference. A spicy yet comforting dish, sometimes a simple bowl of soup and rice is all I need.

Japan Foods Garden continues to release great dishes and is still a great stop for incredibly affordable Japanese food. If you haven't popped by here yet, you should probably do so before I write another one of these articles.

Japan Foods Garden @ Shaw Centre

#B1-01, Shaw Centre

1 Scotts Road

Singapore 228208

Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm

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