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Sinfonia Ristorante, Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore

"Sinfonia", the italian word for Symphony, is the most appropriate word to describe this new culinary voyage Sinfonia Ristorante has to offer. Formerly known as FOO'D by Davide Oldani, Sinfonia has undergone a branding revamp by offering its guests a new unique gastronomic experience through contemporary Italian cuisine.

In the hands of Chef Simone Depalmas, who is of Sardinian descent with over 21 years of experience, guests are sure to be awed by his culinary skills along with his artistic creations.

To start off the evening, I had three starters. First up was the Truffle Chicken Liver Brûlée, Leek, Local Herbs, Roasted Focaccia ($26.00). What I liked most about this dish was the idea of having a dessert-like starter due to the strong sweet and creamy flavours that lingers in your mouth after every bite. The roasted focaccia also complemented the dish very well.

Next up was the roasted Mediterranean Octopus, Watermelon, Dill, Leek ($26.00). I am not usually a fan of octopus as I do not appreciate its chewy texture. But this dish, however did not disappoint. The octopus was not too chewy and when served with the watermelon, gave it a sweet and refreshing touch.

The Sea urchin, Alaskan King Crab, Rice Roll, Salmon Roe, Foam ($32.00) is one of the most popular dishes Sinfonia Restorante has to offer. Adding in some local flavours with the chilli crab, I enjoyed this dish especially with the fresh uni that melts in my mouth.

The Mushroom Soup ($18.00) was one of the best mushroom soups I've tasted in my life. It is hard to believe that the chef did not add any cream or butter to the soup, yet it achieved that smooth creamy texture. What I liked best was the sweet tinge due from the caramelised pine nuts.

Moving on to the primis (somewhat like a pre-main dish), we first had the Hand-made Squid Ink Tagliolini, King Prawn, Tarragon, Bottarga ($34.00). I wasn't too fond of this dish, as I thought that the seafood flavours were too strong here. However, the Mediterranean prawn with its sweet taste along with the handmade noodles made up for the strong seafood taste.

The Mushroom Risotto ($28.00) was an excellent choice for vegetarians as it is made with fresh porcini mushrooms from Italy. It is a very filling dish with a lasting truffle aftertaste. Do note that the chef does not believe in using truffle oil, hence this dish is made purely from truffle.

If you like something out of the ordinary, try the Frogs Legs, Italian Tempura ($36.00) for a main. The frog legs are imported from France as they are fleshier compared to other frog species here. When paired with the refreshing milk sauce, the citrus tastes helps cut the oily aftertaste.

The Beef Short Ribs, Chestnut, Salmon Roe, Horseradish (available as part of the 5-course and 7-course degustation menu) is made using USDA Wagyu Beef. I had very high expectations for this dish, however I found the meat to have a bit of a odd beefy taste. The chestnut on the side was surprisingly very sweet and did help with the "beefy" after taste.

The 3-style Roasted Cabbage, Sour Cream, Seasonal Herbs ($18.00) is a unique dish that can be catered for vegetarians. But for non-vegetarians, it is served with salmon roe. When I first had this dish what came to mind was "it tastes like aburi cabbage". I would recommend this dish for light eaters, as it is not very filling.

Saving the best part of the meal for last, we had the Passion Fruit, Raspberry Meringue, Rose Lychee Sorbet ($18.00) first for dessert. The sorbet was honestly another "best I've tasted ever" dish with its tangy berry flavours, while the passionfruit meringue added on to the tangy sour factor of this whole dessert. I also loved that this dessert wasn't too sweet, making it easier to finish a whole plate to myself!

The Mandarin ($18.00) is actually a dome filled with mascarpone cheese and fresh orange juice. The texture of this dish shows the smallest details the chef does in making his dishes a work of art. I also enjoyed this dessert as I found it was not too sweet for my liking.

Sinfonia currently offers the following dining specials:

1. Diners can enjoy a 4-course Chef's Special Menu for dinner at only $88++ per person from Tuesday to Thursday

2. Every day from 5pm to 7pm, guests can enjoy complimentary Grilled Smoked Duck Bun when a gin Martini ($18.00) is ordered

3. On weekends, diners can look forward to an Omakase Lunch Special with 12 dishes free-slow at only $52++ per person. (Supplement $40 for free flow Bottega Brut)

With their menu changing every 3 months along with a beautiful ambience, I will be sure to visit Sinfonia again soon to explore the new masterpieces Chef Simone has to offer.

Sinfonia Ristorante


1 Empress Place,

Victoria Concert Hall,

Singapore 179558

Operating Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-3pm, 6pm to 11pm

Sunday and Monday 12pm-3pm (Dinner is available for group bookings with minimum 8 pax.)

Bar: Tuesday to Saturday 4pm to 12am, Happy hour 4pm - 8pm

Sunday and Monday is available for group bookings with minimum 8 pax.

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