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  • Amanda Huang

Sikdang @ Tanjong Pagar Road.

Sikdang is a new casual Korean restaurant tucked along a row of eateries along Tanjong Pagar, specialising in Korean hotpot. Sikdang, which translates to 'Restaurant' from Korean, is run by a husband and wife duo with the aim to serve authentic no-frills Korean dishes just like how the chef's Eomeoni (Mother) would've made the dishes.

We had a cheesy combination of Spicy Chicken with Cheese ($24) to start. This trendy Korean dish is best paired alongside a chilled bottle of beer, and Sikdang has made this dish generously loaded with a great amount of cheese a bed chunks of spicy yet juicy chicken thighs pieces which are marinated in spicy gochujang sauce.

After consuming a few pieces of chicken, it does get quite spicy for a non-spicy eater like myself, so do prepare some iced water on the side, as this flavour combination gets quite addictive.

While waiting for the other dishes to arrive, we had Sikdang's battered deep fried chicken ($18), which uses pieces of tender chicken thigh coated in their housemade sweet chilli sauce and sprinkled with a hint of fresh sesame seed.

The seafood pancake ($18) may be unadorned to Korean foodies, but it is definitely not one to miss at Sikdang, as their pancake has a well-balanced amount of batter to filling ratio. The pancake is generously filled with fresh prawns, chopped calamari rings, freshly sliced chillies and green onions, served alongside a sweet-tangy dipping sauce with a pleasant soft chewy texture of batter in each bite when eaten altogether.

Budae Jigae(Army stew) ($29) is another classic Korean dish which is a popular anju (accompaniment to alcoholic drinks). This classic stew features a rich beef bone broth and includes an array of vegetable medley such as Chef's housemade kimchi, sliced white onions, green onions, shiitake mushroom, oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom, silken tofu and Chinese bok choy, along with an addition of a robust mix of protein source, such as sliced ham, sausages and tender pork belly. And not forgetting, the instant ramyeon (instant noodles) to complete the stew.

Sikdang's signature dish, the Super Sik Dak-galbi ($48) is a hearty dish and definitely not for the faint-hearted. This is a definite have-to order as Sikdang has created a rendition of the classic spicy stir-fry chicken favourite, Dak galbi, which is made from chicken pieces stir fried in spicy gochujang sauce. The Super Sik Dak Galbi includes sliced big white onion, sweet potatoes, Japanese leek, white cabbage, boneless chicken leg, rice cake, and jjolmyeon (noodles). Sikdang has definitely taken it up a notch by ‘supersizing’ it with free flow noodles, fish cakes, rice cakes and cheese.

Towards the end, there is even an additional inclusion of free flow rice, seaweed and spring onions, which can be added to form a special fried rice that soaks up the flavour of the ingredients, a definite great way to end off a hearty and fun meal. Now isn't that a bang for one's buck.

Sikdang is a great place to satisfy all your Korean food cravings at pocket friendly prices, and definitely a suitable establishment to dine in groups as their portions can get pretty large in size.


28 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore, 088451

Tel: +65 6226 0818

Operation hours:

Monday-Wednesday: 5pm-12am

Thursday-Saturday: 5pm-3am

Sunday: Closed

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