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Siamese Cat, Novena Square

Thailand is known for it's vibrant food culture, some may even call it their go to comfort food. Zaan Soh, who is the owner of Siamese Cat is no stranger to this cuisine. Prior to opening her first outlet, Zaan spent a good amount of time travelling to Thailand and her love affair with this particular cuisine inspired her to open her very own affordable Thai joint in Singapore.

The interior of the outlet has a very simple layout and colourful floor tiles, which makes it feel as if you are right in Thailand! The best part about this place is that most of the staff are Thai and friendly.

Over here, you'd have to head to the counter to place your orders and pay them before they serve you.

We started off with the Butterfly pea glass noodle salad ($6.80) that was served with prawns and calamari. It had a good punch of spice in it and was very Instagram-worthy, I must say, due to its noodles' purplish hue. A must try when you visit!

We moved on to the Mango Salad ($5.80) which is a very classic and appetising Thai starter. I didn't find anything too special about this, but I did think that it was well executed and a opened up my appetite for the dishes to come.

Next, we had the Chiang Mai Beef Noodle ($8.80). The broth has a very strong flavour profile, as it has been boiled over for several good hours. It comes with glass noodles and beef chunks and was a really solid dish replicated right from the north of Thailand.

Here's another classic Thai noodle dish we tasted. The Phad Thai with Prawns ($7.80), is a traditional stir-fry noodle dish that can be eaten at any hour of the day (even during breakfast). This dish was cooked perfectly and immediately reminded me of the streets of Bangkok.

You can never truly enjoy a Thai meal without a fiery bowl of Tom Yam. But Siamese Cat's Northern Tom Yam ($9.80) is not your typical Tom Yam dish that you will expect. It is not very spicy (perfect for those who can't handle their spice), quite mild and has a hint of coconut milk, served with prawns, glass noodles and calamari.

Personally, I love my Tom Yam to be super spicy. But since this wasn't, I'd give this a miss.

The best part of the meal is always desserts! We started off with the Pandan Mango Sticky Rice ($6.80). These mangoes are brought in directly from Thailand to your plate and it was very sweet and delicious. The sticky rice was also topped with a nice heaping of thick coconut milk, and what made it even more delightful was that it is freshly grounded by the staff on site.

I realised that thick toast dishes (snacks and desserts) have been gaining popularity within the Thai community. Even Siamese Cat has caught on the fad and here's their Matcha Shibuya ($11.20), which comprises a thick toast bread, matcha ice cream and red beans drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.

Something that looks so good should definitely be shared! This is good for 2 to 3 to dig in.

We ended our meal with the coconut flavoured Shibuya ($11.20) which was the highlight of the night! Thai coconuts have gained popularity globally for being super sweet and fragrant.

With this thick toast beauty, theree was a huge portion of fresh coconut meat and creamy coconut ice cream. This delicious and refreshing treat is definitely a good way to cool down in this tropical heat.

Overall, all the dishes were solid and a true reflection of Thai flavours. There is also a super value meal available everyday all day at $9.80 only. Choose a main, a side and a drink all for that price!

This restaurant is free from pork, lard and MSG too! All these ingredients are purchased freshly from a van that passes through Singapore to Thailand frequently! So, if you are looking for reasonably priced authentic Thai dishes, this is definitely the place to be!

Siamese Cat

Novena Square #01-68/69

238 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307683

Operating Hours:

Mon to Thu: 7am - 10pm.

Sat to Sun: 8am - 10pm.

Suntec City #B1-173/174,

3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 039593

Operating Hours:

Daily: 10am-10pm

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