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Seafood Buffet at The Square Restaurant, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

I’ve always appreciated a good seafood buffet, or any buffet really. But since seafood buffets are everywhere, what differentiates the one at Novotel’s The Square Restaurant with the other is that they have not just an amazing variety, but also a super fresh spread.

From now till 26 May, on Fridays, Saturdays, as well as eve of and public holidays, make a booking with Novotel and try out what they have to offer.

Prices start at $39++ for children aged five to 12 years old, $55++ for senior citizens above 55 years old and $78 for adults aged 13 to 54.

I can’t possibly go on about every single dish here, because there are WAY TOO MANY!

But I’ll be telling you what I think are some of the “must-try” dishes here.

These array of cooked cold crustaceans are a must, from the prawns to the crabs, to even raw oysters! Mmmm. Time to get your hands dirty!

While you’re knock, knock, knocking on the crab shells to get to your meat, don’t forget to fill your plate with some of Singapore’s favourite way to cook crabs – Chilli Crab! Soak up all the sauce with the fried mantou buns too.

There’s this station next to The Square Signature Chilli Crab, where you’d find a chef cooking something that smells oh-so-delicious over a wok.

Here’s you’d get to pick two flavours of how you want your crayfish to be cooked – black pepper or salted egg. And going with the never-ending salted-egg trend in Singapore, I opted for this flavour. And OMG, it was just amazing.

Don’t go all crazy on the seafood just yet! Save some space for the DIY laksa.

This is perfect for picky eaters who only likes certain things in your laksa. Pick what you want in your laksa, and pass it to the chef to blanch your ingredients and pour the steaming hot broth over.

I know how a lot of people would like their laksa broth to be super thick, this isn’t, but since this is a buffet and you don’t want to be too full too fast, it’s pretty much a good thing, allowing me to save space for more to come.

And right next to the laksa station is the chicken rice stop where you can get a plate of tender roasted chicken rice.

There are also the other dishes you can pile onto your plate to accompany some carbs (rice and noodles). I especially liked the Goa Style Fish Curry.

Then comes the dessert. As I always say, dessert doesn’t feed your stomach, it feeds your soul.

Durian lovers, rejoice! The Durian Pengat is a definite must-try! This thick local dessert is a mixture of durian and coconut milk and tastes amazing. I absolutely loved how you can still taste hints of coconut along with the durian. But, this dessert is pretty thick, so it can be a little heavy.

As with most dessert spreads, there’ll be an array of cakes. Take your pick or try ‘em all if you like! There's even a chocolate fondue fountain where you can coat whatever dessert you like with some warm melty chocolate!

I also had a lot of fun making my own shaved ice dessert or ice kachang.

If you still want to come by on the other days (apart from Fridays, Saturdays, as well as ever of and public holidays), Novotel Clarke Quay will be serving a semi-buffet priced from $35++.

Pick a main course (from $15) and add on $20++ per pax for a spread of appetisers, soup, sides, salad bar and desserts. Or if you order The Square Signature Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab ($78 for 2 crabs; $138 for 4 crabs), you'd get to enjoy the semi-buffet for just $15++.

So what’re you waiting for? Don’t forget to come empty bellied!

The Square Restaurant

Novotel Clarke Quay

Level 7

177A River Valley Rd,

Singapore 179031

Tel: +65 6433 8790


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