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Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Glamorous runway red carpeted entrance, fascinating moving coloured-lights, and bright light boards for their menus – Ruyi & Lyn certainly know how to make a first and lasting impression on their guests. We felt like instant stars that night when we stepped into this classy establishment. Though it was our first time there, many would recognise this sophisticated spot for its creative modern take on the Asian cuisine.

Fried Chicken Skin (RM6.80 per packet)

Not long after we took our seats, we were served with the fried chicken skin that was dangerously addictive. Coated in salted egg, every bit was light, crunchy and full in flavour. I found myself constantly popping these tasty tidbit into my mouth as dinner progressed. It was the kind of snack that was so moreish one bite wasn't enough!

Ruyi Sushi (RM38 for 6 pieces)

Our hearts skipped a beat at the sight of the Ruyi Sushi when it was served on our table. This adorable plate was just as what we have heard before, read about and seen in photos. There are two pieces for each of the trio of cultural delicacies, making this plate perfect for two to taste.

We were advised to start off with the yummy Hainanese chicken rice first, followed by the savoury nasi lemak and to have the mango sticky rice for a sweet ending. What impressed me most (more than the sheer detailing of each piece) was the authentic flavours that you get out of every bite. You can literally taste chicken rice, coconut rice and glutinous rice respectively in each bite. The Ruyi Sushi is a must-try when you are here.

Yin Yang Foie Gras (RM88 for 2 pieces)

Next up was the foie gras that was interestingly put together. Admittedly, this was my first time trying foie gras and Ruyi & Lyn made my first taste a pleasant one. Pan-seared to perfection, the foie gras was served with caramelised watermelon and fragrant miso on turnip. I really like how the sweetness of the watermelon complimented the buttery smooth foie gras.

Tofu Flower Soup (RM43)

If I had to pick a dish as my favourite, this oriental soup would definitely be it. Inspired by a local beancurd dessert, tau foo fah (my all-time favourite!), the soup came in a teapot with a bowl of delicate tofu "flower" in it. As the waiter carefully pours the clear abalone and scallop soup into the bowl, you can see how the thinly sliced tofu spreads apart like a flower blossoming. What a brilliant way to serve soup! And I would gladly return in a heartbeat for their soup because it was super, super delicious!

Chilli Minced Snowfish (RM33)

We also tried their chilli minced snowfish that was mildly spicy and sweet in flavour. Considering what we have had so far, the snowfish did't impress us as much as the previous dishes did but it still made a lovely finger food with the crisp sago crackers. You can probably tell by now that Ruyi and Lyn goes all out in their food presentation with the eye-catching colour combinations in every dish.

Pokemon Prawns (RM58 for 6 pieces)

The Pokemon Prawns are deep fried prawns served with wasabi mayonnaise, mango and ebiko. The thin, wafer shell in the middle opens up to a refreshing fruit salad. We would have preferred to have less of the wasabi mayonnaise because it overpowered the taste of the prawns. While I’m not usually a fan of wasabi, I stood corrected with their rendition as it proved to be a perfect complement to the prawns.

Crab Curry Fried Rice (RM20 for small/RM63 for large)

If you are a rice person, then you ought to try this dish. Decadently tossed in a creamy mixture of crabs, scallops and prawns, this tasty dish is a delight to dig in to. Though, at this point we had just about reached our limit already.

Lemongrass Jelly with Yuzu Sorbet (RM13)

But of course, we didn't leave without having desserts. The lemongrass jelly was such a delight to look at and even more of a delight on the tastebuds. Decorated with assorted berries, this dessert was refreshing and perfect to end our hearty meal with.

Ruyi Fantasy with Cognac and Popcorn (RM35)

We didn’t quite stop there. The final brushstroke to a masterpiece of a meal was their Ruyi Fantasy. We were impressed by both the simplicity and creativity of this drink. Who knew the marriage of cognac and popcorn would be one of fairytales? And what an apt name for the drink, indeed. Truly, the good life awaits you at Ruyi & Lyn.

Ruyi & Lyn

4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center,

285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur,

Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening hours: Sunday – Saturday: 12pm – 3pm (Last order at 2.30pm)

Sunday – Saturday: 6pm – 12am (Last order at 11.00pm) Contact: +603-2083 0288

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