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Royal Canton Mooncakes 2019

Mooncake season is one of my favourites in the year because I love these decadent treats. Whether it is baked or snowskin, mooncakes are always an enjoyable snack to have once a year. This year, Royal Canton sticks to its traditional roots by offering baked and snowskin mooncakes in very classic flavours.

What’s great about Royal Canton’s mooncakes is that they are made fresh to order and only made in small batches. So you know you’ll always be getting the best quality!

I tried the red bean baked mooncake, the pandan lotus baked mooncake, the white lotus seed mooncake with single yolk and their signature assorted nuts and yunnan ham baked mooncake. We also got to try the pandan lotus snowskin mooncake with a single yolk as well as the white lotus seed with single yolk snowskin mooncake.

The snowskin mooncakes were beautifully made and tasted absolutely delicious. You can taste how fresh the mooncakes are from the skin alone. It is best kept refrigerated but once you leave it out for 5 minutes in room temperature, it is perfect for consumption.

The assorted nuts and yunnan ham mooncake was the perfect sweet and savoury combination and it is quite a pleasure to try this flavour, which is quite different from what we’d normally find outside.

You can order the Royal Canton mooncakes in advance so the chef can prepare it fresh for you. Do remember, these mooncakes are made without preservatives or artificial colouring. So it’s best to consume it quickly after purchase.

Each set of mooncakes comes in a lovely metal box and a yellow paper bag. The set also includes a small bag of tea. The mooncakes range from RM16 to RM24 each, putting them well within the affordable range.

Order your mooncakes from Royal Canton now to avoid disappointment.

Royal Canton KL

Second Floor DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara Open on weekdays from 11:30AM-3PM; 6PM-10PM Weekends from 8AM-3PM; 6PM-10PM

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