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Royal Canton Chinese New Year Set, DC Mall

You can't help but to feel like you have stepped into a grand oriental palace as you enter Royal Canton.

With its ornamental blue and white porcelain, gorgeous oriental art lining the walls, wooden bird cages, glowing Chinese lanterns, and classical oriental music - Royal Canton is one of the most beautiful Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

It also makes the perfect setting for your Chinese New Year lunch or dinner!

Royal Canton has a number of different Chinese New Year sets that you can choose from, but my family decided to try the RM688++ set that serves approximately five people. You can have the same set for ten people for RM1188++.

The set comes with a Jelly Fish and Salmon Yee Sang that is one of the best Yee Sang I've had!

Rather than using processed ingredients, Royal Canton serves up fresh vegetables and sauces for their Low Sang. I loved their range of vegetables, especially the inclusion of turnip, cucumber and beetroot.

There was a surprising addition of orange peel in the dish, which adds a delicate fruity flavour. We had a generous serving of salmon and jelly fish.

There was a fantastic crunch from the crackers and sesame seeds, and we decided to add on the crispy ice fish (RM20) that gave more crunch and texture to the Yee Sang.

We also loved Royal Canton's delicious sesame sauce as the dressing which adds a unique flavour to the dish.

Next, we had a Fish Maw, Bamboo Pith and Crab Meat Broth which was absolutely delicious. It had a good consistency with a generous helping of crab meat and fish maw. Delicious with a splash of vinegar!

The Stir Fried Tiger Prawns was a favourite! We loved the slightly spicy, sweet sauce, that went perfectly with the succulent prawns.

Royal Canton's Pork Knuckle Braised with Fatt Choy was another popular dish. I cannot tell you how soft and tender the meat was, it was cooked absolutely perfectly. The pork knuckle itself was also not too fatty, and the flavours were very well balanced.

I don't think I have seen a more beautiful fried rice dish. Royal Canton's Fried Rice with Hong Kong Waxed Meat not only looked gorgeous, but it was also delicious!

The rice had nice texture, it had just enough bite to it, and was not too soft. I love the egg stirred fried into the rice, along with that sweet, salty waxed meat that is beautifully adorned on top of the rice.

The Chinese Cabbage Stewed with Dried Scallop and Fatt Choy had a complex flavour to it, thanks to the dried scallop. I always found cabbage to be very bland, but this dish was flavourful and delicious!

You can't have a Chinese New Year dinner without a whole steamed fish, and Royal Canton nails it with their Dragon Grouper Steamed Fish.

Interestingly, Royal Canton serves up beancurd skin and black fungus with the fish, which add an interesting texture to the dish. The fish itself is fresh and cooked perfectly, bringing out its slightly sweet taste.

The set also comes with not one, but three desserts. First you get Glutinous Rice Cakes done two ways - one deep fried and the other rolled with lotus paste.

The deep fried one was excellent, I loved how it is crispy on the outside but soft inside. The rolled one was also delicious and had good texture and consistency.

The Chilled Snow Pear with White Fungus and Longan was my favourite dessert. It was refreshing, had a range of textures, and not too sweet.

My family and I had some bad Chinese New Year dinners over the years, but we loved all the dishes in Royal Canton's Chinese New Year set.

The good food paired with the lovely ambiance of Royal Canton, it is definitely a great way to usher in the Year of the Dog.

Royal Canton

Second Floor, DC Mall,

Jalan Damanlela,

Bukit Damansara

Tel: 03-2731 4628

Opening hours:

Weekdays from 11:30am-3pm; 6pm-10pm

Weekends from 10.30am-3pm; 6pm-10pm

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