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Sunset Sail by Royal Albatross, Sentosa

Ahoy there, mates! Sailing away from the usual restaurants we cover, the Foodievstheworld team is on board the Royal Albatross.

What better way to enjoy a romantic and peaceful evening than on a luxury tall ship watching the beautiful city night lights with Royal Albatross’ Sunset Sail City Lights!

And until the end of June 2018, you – our amazing readers – will get to enjoy a $30 off when you purchase at least 2 tickets online when you enter the promo code FOODIEVS18.

Here’s the low down on the tickets before we show you more of this beautiful tall ship and what the sail entails.

The Gold pass ($165 per adult; $125 per child) will grant you the freedom to move around the back deck (free seating too). Not just that, you’d get to enjoy a generous buffet spread and access to two of the bars (drinks not included). This is perfect for those of you who would like to enjoy a more casual cruise.

But for those of you who’re looking for something with a little more pizazz, the Platinum pass ($195 per adult; $145 per child) is the way to go! You’d be pampered and seated at the best spot on the upper foredeck – but of course, feel free to roam around the deck if you like. This package also comes with a 3-course sit down dinner, with dedicated servers to attend to your requests.

Passengers carrying either pass will enjoy the same sail and will equally get to enjoy the beautiful sunset and city lights that Singapore has to offer, while enjoying live entertainment throughout the sail. You’d also get 1 welcome drink coupon upon boarding the Royal Albatross

Our team didn’t get a chance to sample the 3-course meal, but here’s a look at the buffet spread.

Now, have I gotten your attention yet?

Let’s take a look at the air-conditioned lower deck for those of you who might be a little less adventurous or would like to keep their hair away from the sea breeze.

The lower deck or the Grand Salon, which is open to both passes, is beautifully decorated with hand-carved wood panels and plushy sofas. Apart from the Sunset Sail City Lights, the Royal Albatross allows corporate booking, whereby companies may book out the whole lower deck (or the whole ship, depending on the budget and number of people you’d like to accommodate) to host meetings or presentations.

The Grand Salon has its very own bar too!

Although, I’d admit that the lower deck does seem more cosy and intimate, but I found that all the fun was happening at the upper deck.

The upper deck is split into two sections, one side for those with the Platinum pass, where you’d be seated at the front of the ship. And the other side, the back of the ship where it’s free seating.

The front of the deck, as you can see, emits a romantic vibe. Someone even proposed the evening when we were there.

Our team was seated over at the back – where the real fun was! Automatically, you can feel a more relaxed and casual vibe here. We made friends talking to everyone else around the area and it was such a great social event.

One thing (or person) we absolutely adored on board, was the live singer, Ms.Kunjung Wida. She absolutely radiated energy and was practically teleporting herself back and forth the front and back of the deck, ensuring that everyone enjoyed her lovely singing and dancing.

Over at the fun side, many of us even started dancing along with Ms.Wida and everyone was just having a blast!

The Royal Albatross also has 4 en-suite guest cabins and an owner's cabin. The rooms have customisable ambiance mood lighting that is sure to help set the mood for the rest of the evening.

However, these rooms are not available for booking just as it is. It’ll cost you $900 for a private dining experience along with a night’s stay at the owner’s cabin – or the “master room”. Or if you rent out the ship for a wedding sail or overnight event, you may book the rooms as well.

Overall, we really enjoyed our Sunset Sail City Lights experience on board the Royal Albatross. Don’t forget to key in the promo code FOODIEVS18 when you book your tickets online to enjoy the discount!

Check out the fun we had on board in this video!

Royal Albatross Universal Studios Singapore

8 Sentosa Gateway

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