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Rice On! Klang (Available For Delivery)

When you think of quick meals for lunch, one of the defaults would be rice bowls. They’re definitely quick, filling and quite nutritious. We recently tried Rice On! rice bowls via delivery and this is our verdict: we love it.

We tried four of their rice bowl flavours and also their *seriously addictive* Popai spinach chips. The chips pair well with the rice bowls, by the way!

What we had was the Korean Chicken bowl (RM10), the Butter Chicken bowl (RM8), a Thai fish bowl (RM12) and also the Kung Pao mushroom bowl for RM10 (for the vegetarians out there!).

Our top two would have to be the butter chicken and Korean chicken bowl. Though it may seem “dry” at a glance, we assure you, every bite was packed full of flavour and juicy right till the end. We absolutely could not get enough of it.

All of their bowls are very well cooked and seasoned, comes in a generous portion for the price and is definitely 100% appetising!

While every bowl of Rice On! comes with a side of spinach chips (hence, Popeye!), you will want to buy LOADS of extras because these little snacks are addictive AF.

They are seasoned so well and it is just something that you will be able to munch on to no end! So fair warning: you will want to get at least two extra containers of it, if not more!

For now, Rice On! is based in Klang and is only serving the Subang/Shah Alam/Klang vicinities but we are sure they will be expanding to more locales soon.

So bookmark this and keep them in mind for your next lunch/dinner order!

You can find Rice On! on Instagram or place your orders for the rice bowls here and don’t forget to follow @popai_my for the chips.

Rice On! No 32, Jalan Bukit Kuda 1/KU1 Klang

Open Mondays to Saturdays 11AM-5PM

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