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Rediscover Classic Cantonese Delights with this limited-time-only menu@Min Jiang,Goodwood park hotel

Min Jiang Restaurant has launched an 8 Hands Culinary Showcase: A Rediscovery of Cantonese Classics Menu that will only be available from the 18th-25th May 2022. This limited-time-only menu is the brainchild of four veteran Chinese chefs – Chan Kwok, Chin Hon Yin, Chung Ho Shi, and Min Jiang’s very own Chan Hwan Kee. The menu features rarely seen traditional Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes that date back at least three decades and is elevated with a modern touch.

This exquisite menu comprises 3 set menus for 4, 6, and 10 persons and is only available for dine-in as follows:-.

  • Available for dinner on 18 May: 9-course menu for 10 persons at $168 per person

  • Available for lunch from 19 to 25 May: 5-course menu for 4 persons at $88 per person

  • Available for lunch and dinner from 19 to 25 May: 7-course menu for 6 persons at $138 per person

  • 9-course menu for 10 persons at $168 per person

We had the privilege of tasting some of the highlighted dishes on the menu and started off with Chef Chan Kwok's crispy-fried Milk Custard & Pan-friend Australian Scallops Stuffed with Minced Shrimps to start. A mainstay in the 70s and 80s, deep-fried milk

custard uses a trio of milk, cream, and cornflour before carefully deep-frying at the right temperature to achieve a fragrant ‘fried-yet-fresh tasting’ result. It is served with a sugar dip and served with a juicy and fresh scallop stuffed with minced shrimp that has been beautifully pan-fried till a nice golden brown.

Crafted by Chef Chin Hon Yin is a savory combination of Double-boiled Bird’s Nest in Minced Chicken Broth and is served alongside Yunnan Ham, Diced Chicken, and Crabmeat that has a velvety and "porridge" like texture. As it is wholesome and comforting, it was definitely intriguing as my only recollection of a bird's nest is better known as served as a dessert rather than a savory delight.

A popular Chinese banquet must-have in the past is a Classic Pan-fried Prawn on Toast as well as Pan-Seared Japanese Bell Peppers stuffed with Dace Fish and Minced Jinhua Ham. The latter is painstakingly prepared by Chef Chung Ho Shi and showcases an extremely complex piece of work. Dace, which happens to be a popular fish in Hong Kong, is formed into a paste, then combined with ginger, and spring onions before stuffing into Japanese green bell peppers specially chosen for their crunchier texture.

Moving onto a heartier course by Chef Chan Hwan Kee is the Yuan Yang Rolls and Deep-fried Spare Ribs in ‘Zheng Jiang’ Style. The platter features succulent Roasted Silver Hill

Irish Duck, Roasted Chicken, and Rock Melon wrapped with Cucumber, paired with Deep-fried

Spare Ribs in ‘Zheng Jiang’ Style featuring overnight-marinated pork which is then deep-fried and then combined with vinegar, sesame oil, plum sauce, and peanut sauce, among other ingredients.

Chef Chan Kwok and Chef Chan Hwan Kee present a dish with classic roots that date back as far as 30 years ago, which is the Black Angus Beef Rolls stuffed with Enoki Mushrooms and Deep Fried Shredded Yam, and Prawn Spring Rolls – A beautiful platter with varying textures from the tender U.S. Black Angus beef, juicy angled luffa slices, and a crisp shredded carrot garnish, to the appetizing deep-fried spring roll. The Black Angus Beef Roll was one of Chef Chan Kwok’s signature dishes when he first arrived in Singapore in 1981 at Happy Valley restaurant.

A recipe by Moses Lim, prepared by Chef Chung Ho Shi Moses is the Steamed Rice Vermicelli with Tiger Prawn and Ikura on Egg White. The dish was inspired by a similar one he tasted in the 90s by a Hong Kong chef in Singapore. While that dish featured a fried prawn, this one is noticeably lighter on the palate, as is uniquely served with a steamed egg white custard and delicately presented with noodles wrapped around a steamed tiger prawn, and finally topped with a dollop of Ikura for a tinge of umami factor.

Lastly, a dainty duo of Baked Peony Flower Red Bean Pastry and Durian Glutinous Rice Ball by Chef Chan Hwan Kee to end our meal. The Red Bean Pastry requires skills to resemble a delicate ‘flower’ which is crafted using chilled dual-colored pastry, that is carved, then slowly fried in oil over very low heat for about 10 to 15 minutes, until it ‘blooms’. The latter is a signature dessert of the restaurant, boasting creamy D24 pulp encased in a soft and slight chewy mochi skin.

Reservations are highly recommended. Do find the reservation below to secure your seats:-

Reservations Tel: (65) 6730 1704


Online reservations:

Min Jiang @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221

Mainline: (65) 6737 7411



Instagram: @goodwoodparkhotelsg

Hashtag: #goodwoodparkhotel


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