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  • Amanda Huang

'Quornscious' meat-free soups @ The Soup Spoon

Quorn, a world renowned brand of nutritious and sustainable meat alternatives, has partnered up with Singapore's favourite local soup chain The Soup Spoon to serve up an Asian focused series of nutritious, wholesome soups for those who are seeking for a healthier and more sustainable dietary option.

For those unaware, Quorn is a line of meat-free products made with mycoprotein, derived from a naturally occurring fungus through the process of fermentation similar to bread and soy sauce. It's soy-free, high in protein and fibre, zero cholesterol, low in saturated fats, and clinically proven to control blood glucose and insulin levels.

There are a total of 9 meatless soups. 6 are new seasonal flavours, and 3 are meatless renditions of The Soup Spoon's crowd favourites — Tokyo-Style Stew, Hungarian Style Goulash and SG Ragout. These soups will be available at all The Soup Spoon outlets islandwide until 25 July 2019.

To start, we had the Tokyo-Style Stew ($8.90). This light bodied stew uses Quorn's vegan fillet simmered in a hearty, flavourful vegetable broth with a hint of teriyaki and light soy sauce. The soup also includes an assortment of oriental vegetables like lotus roots, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, white radish and bamboo shoots. Do take note, this soup will only be available on 10 June and 1 July.

Up next was the creative Japanese inspired Sumo-Style Nabe ($9.20), which uses soy milk for a creamy appeal. Its sweetness comes from the chopped napa cabbage, beancurd and mushrooms. Also in the soup is Quorn's low calorie, high fibre meatless meatballs.

Our favourite was the Budae-Jigae Korean Stew ($9.00), a classic Korean staple made less spicy and loaded with crunchy vegetables such as sweet yellow corn and carrot, shiitake mushrooms, beancurd and Quorn's meat-free hot dogs. To our surprise, the meat-free hot dogs tasted exactly like the real thing.

The Moroccan-Style Tagine ($9.00) is slow cooked with an aromatic Middle Eastern flavoured spice blend made in-house. It's combined with Quorn's tasty meat-free mince, gently cooked in a fruity broth filled with prunes, chickpeas and couscous. This was a warm and comforting soup that goes best with a warm toasted dinner roll.

Another souper pleaser was the non-spicy Butter Tikka Masala ($9.50). For this, Quorn's succulent fillets are cooked together with blended juicy red tomatoes, mixed with a secret blend of Indian spices, a hint of cream and butter concoction to balance out the heat from the spices, as well as an interesting combination of healthy sweet potatoes and chickpeas for added fibre and protein.

Last but not least, these nourishing soups are also sold in ready made packs you can bring home and cook for your family. SouperChef and Director of The Soup Spoon Chef Anna taught us an extremely quick and easy recipe, using on the pre-packed sauces to make an oven baked pasta. It was astonishingly sumptuous.

Head to their website to find out more information about The Soup Spoon's innovative recipes and all their locations.

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