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Qi House of Sichuan, Marina Bay Financial Centre

Have you ever wondered what an active volcano would be like at the tip of your tongue? A hot fiery adventure awaits you at Qi, House of Sichuan! Qi has opened in the middle of the CBD area, right at the Marina Bay Financial Centre. Located conveniently beside its "sister" restaurant Forbidden Duck which we've just visited recently, Qi has its roots in Wan Chai, Hong Kong for over 3 years. (If you're curious about Forbidden Duck, you may click this link here.) Qi has cumulatively earned the One Michelin Star for three consecutive years from 2016-2018 in the Michelin guide of Hong Kong & Macau. Fans of Sichuan delicacies will not be disappointed with the selection that Qi has to offer, for they have prepared an authentic Sichuan menu of intense flavours. As with most Chinese restaurants, Qi lean towards the communal dining concept with its stylish Chinese ambience and fare.

We were presented with a bowl of Bang Bang Chicken in Peanut Sauce ($13). In contrast with its explosive sounding name, the cold dish appeared to be delicate but what packed within exceeded expectations. The fragrance of the peanut sauce with slight hints of spices paired wonderfully with the thinly sliced pieces of chicken.

The Chili Oil Wantons ($12) were comparable as well. The pork wantons were deliciously broiled to perfection and the glistening chili oil that it nestles in is nothing short of expectation. Definitely a good starter to start off the palate with a spice rating of 1/10.

Shortly after, the Sugar Glazed Ginger and Scallion Beef ($25) arrived in its glamourous presentation. Its crisp texture beguiles its light scent of spices and ginger. You can hardly taste the beef due to the sweetness of its caramelised exterior, and hence a clear favourite of mine!

Next, we had the Crispy Diced Chongqing Style Chicken with Cashews ($38). It is crispy and salty, reminiscent of savoury popcorn chicken (which I happened to be craving for), a great choice for communal fare.

Qi does offer options for our fellow vegetarian friends, and the Vegetarian String Beans ($18) is one such choice. The fragrant stir-fried dish is a nostalgia of Chinese cuisine and isn't as cloying as we had expected. Do enquire the staff for more vegetarian alternatives to the menu as well!

The main highlight was the towering Chili Fried Sri Lankan Crab ($115/approx. 1kg). Unlike most restaurants that offer crabs at a seasonal rate, Qi offers it at the fixed price all year round! The powerful scent of 3 types of dried chili and a number of fresh chili used (which the chef keeps it undisclosed) rushed in our noses from across the table. However, the dish is overall mild in taste and deserves a spice rating of 3/10.

We were bombarded by the extreme aroma of the last dish, the Braised Garoupa Fish Fillet in Chili Oil Soup ($30/$40). I have to say, for one that usually enjoys eating spicy food, I gave up at the near hellish experience that the Mala soup delivered. Although it had been toned down, I was entirely overwhelmed and could not bring myself to continue after one spoonful. Those who are looking to challenge yourselves, you've have been warned! A definite spice rating of 10/10, and for the faint-hearted, you may request to tone it down further. If you're scared of heartburn or the spiciness that the cuisine has, feel free to ask for milk to wash it down!

After the intense roller-coaster ride of spices, we were treated to a plate of Red Bean Pancake ($9). Its hot and decadence is a perfect way to end the Sichuan journey, or for a cold night out! Overall, it was a pleasantly sweaty and fiery gastronomical adventure that we had, and we highly recommend that it is a must-go for spice-lovers! Qi, House of Sichuan Marina Bay Link Mall 8A Marina Boulevard #02-01 Singapore 018984 Operating Hours: 11.30am - 3pm; 6pm – 10pm Telephone: +65 6634 8277 Email: Facebook: Qi – House of Sichuan Singapore Instagram: @Qihouseofsichuan; Hashtag: #qihouseofsichuansg

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