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Pratunam by Soi Thai Soi Nice, Westgate

Miss Thailand? If you're staying in the west side of Singapore and you're itching for a taste of Bangkok, then make your way to Westgate to try Pratunam, a sister brand of Soi Thai Soi Nice. Located at #B2-K12, Pratunam is a more accessible and affordable alternative entry to Thai fare as compared to Soi Thai Soi Nice’s restaurant setting.

We started with Thai Bubble Green Milk Tea ($4), with soft and warm pearls even though it was served cold a testament to Pratunam's fresh pearls made to order. The taste is reminiscent of gula melaka, resulting in a sweeter version of the conventional Thai milk tea.

Thai Red Milk Tea with Deep Fried Thai Chicken Wings

Of course, we had to try the Thai Red Milk Tea ($2.50), the standard Thai must-have beverage. It was not too sweet and as authentic as it gets.

We had a few classic Thai sides that were reimagined for Pratunam. First, we had the Deep Fried Thai Chicken Wings ($6). This street-food snack was mini in size, but it was a light, crisp and snackable delight. The slight pepper kick is very welcoming!

Glass Noodle Salad and Thai Bubble Green Milk Tea.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Glass Noodle Salad ($5). Reminiscent of Thai papaya salad, the Glass Noodle Salad has a strong tamarind flavour. This dish makes a slightly spicy appetiser to whet your taste buds. While the dish does come served with fresh raw onions, we're happy to report that the red onions were not sharp in taste.

Their Tom Yum Kway Tiao Moo ($6) is one of their signature dishes, available in noodle, bee hoon or kway teow choices. We got kway teow to go with ours, which nicely soaked up the tangy and slightly spicy broth.

The broth was infused into the meatballs and sio bak, making for an overall flavourful experience.

We also tried their Signature Dry Porridge (Soup / Dry; $7), a Phuket speciality inspired by its Michelin-starred street food counterpart. The porridge itself was cooked just right not mushy with the right amount of stickiness. This was complemented by a generous topping of dried garlic, tender meatballs, and savoury sio bak. For those who fancy garlic, definitely order this dish!

The porridge came served with pig's intestines. It was well prepared, boasting a chewy cuttlefish-like texture without the gamey flavour. On the whole, this made for a comforting, homely dish, perfect for tucking into on a rainy day.

Currently, you can add on the Thai Milk Tea (Red or Green) for just $1 with any mains ordered. On Tuesdays they can be purchased at $1 a la carte!

Overall, we’re certain you’ll enjoy the simple yet delicious Thai cuisine Pratunam has to offer,  if you do not mind the kopitiam setting.

Pratunam by Soi Thai Soi Nice Westgate 3 Gateway Dr, B2-K12 Opening Hours: Daily 10.30 AM to 9.30 PM

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