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Platform, Glasgow

Photo from Platform Official Facebook Page | Platform signage!

Photo by Samad | The cool interior Hooray! After much anticipation over the passed few months, Platform has finally opened up in the Arches to fellow Glasgwegians over the first weekend of March! Platform is another street food space located right in the centre of the city, under Glasgow Central Station. The space is magnificent! I remember the Arches only as a nightclub, so seeing the space being used for something else other than drinking and dancing was a pleasant surprise. It's a massive area and can fit hundreds of people and I think location wise, it's very strategic. One great thing is that, compared to the other new street food spots that have popped up around Glasgow, Platform will have more regular opening hours and will function every weekend! So it's definitely more accessible.

Photo by Samad | The pop-up vendors' spaces

Photo by Samad | Tons of seating under the arches Let's move onto to food shall we! So I reckon the average price around the area would be between £5-£7. So I think per person, you'd easily spend £15-£20 including a drink. If you're not interested in any alcohol, don't fret, there's a water station ready for when you want to fill up and hydrate on H20. So, I got the Handmade Pork and Spring Onion Dumplings (£7 for 5 pieces) from Sunshine Tea Lounge, Takoyaki (£6 for 6 pieces) from Mimi's Takoyaki Shop, while my buddy, Emmy from Food Notes Glasgow got the Thai Curry Rice (£3 for the taster bowl) from Ginger and Chill and Fried Squid from Shrimp Wreck (£5 for a bowl).

Photo by Samad | Sunshine Tea Lounge menu

Photo by Samad | I loved the Pork and Spring Onion dumplings (£7 for 5 pieces)

I loved the Pork and Spring Onion dumplings (£7 for 5 pieces). It was served with a side of pickled radish and vegetables prepared by Susan, the chef behind Sunshine Tea Lounge. I'm pretty sure that Susan makes her own dumpling dough and everything from scratch because you can taste it with every bite! They were succulent pieces of friend dumplings and I'd happily go back to try more!

Photo by Samad | The Thai Curry Rice (£3 for a taster bowl) and our drinks

The Thai Curry Rice (£3 for a taster bowl) was delicious! Prepared by Ginger and Chilli, this taster bowl was both large in portion and filled with vibrant flavours! It also funnily enough tasted ... healthy? Yeah! Because it was very fresh. Delicious minus the sin!

Photo by Samad | Fried Squid by Shrimp Wreck (£5 for a bowl)

You can't go wrong with fried squid (£5 for a bowl). Although Shrimp Wreck to me, has a track record of being slow with their service (and they were still pretty sluggish with preparing the squid too. Pick it up guys!), their food is still delicious. Fried seafood of any kind is always a win.

Photo by Samad | Mimi's Takoyaki Shop!

Photo by Samad | Yummy takoyaki (£6 for 6 pieces) My favourite dish that afternoon was definitely the Takoyaki (£6 for 6 pieces) from Mimi's Takoyaki Shop! This dish is pretty nostalgic for me, as I used to eat this all the time when I while I was studying in Kuala Lumpur. It's a simple Japanese street food that I think everyone will definitely enjoy! This takoyaki had chunky pieces of tako (octopus) in it, and was smothered in takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, sprinkled with pickled red ginger, spring onion, katsuobushi and dried green seaweed. It made my day to see Takoyaki available at Platform! I definitely would recommend visiting Platform. I'm sure you'll find something new to try. If you want something a bit different, go for the Takoyaki! But really, everything we tried was awesome and we left with satisfied tummies.

Platform 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow,

G2 8BL, United Kingdom Opening Hours:

Every Friday and Saturday | 11:00am - 10:00pm Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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