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  • Nicole Voon

Plank Sourdough Pizza

What better way to enjoy my cheat day than with PLANK's Sourdough pizza with some beer and kombucha.

These 'darn good sourdough pizza' are available in four flavours : Beefy Pepperoni, Queen Margherita, Spicy Hawaiian and Supreme Veggies and the best part: these are all Halal and available frozen in all Fairprice Finest outlets.

Plank Sourdough Pizza is the first pizzeria in Singapore specialising in sourdough pizza.

This time, I managed to try the Supreme Veggies and the Spicy Haiwaiian.

The Spicy Hawaiian pizza is an obvious crowd favorite for those who love a little sweet and tangy flavour in their pizza. There's also a sachet of chilli sauce to add an additional kick to it.

As for the Supreme Veggies, for someone who doesn't like greens, it was really different and I really enjoyed every single bite of it. My family members could also smell the truffle oil from their rooms and came out asking for some!

This is definitely a healthy option among the rest and the truffle oil really gave the pizza a more aromatic and an additional oomph.

Only for $14.90 each, Grab your frozen pizzas to have for your next gathering!


Website :

Instagram & Facebook : @planksourdoughpizza

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