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Pince & Pints, Duxton Road

Sticks and stones may break my bones but Pince & Pints excite me.

As a fan of seafood – especially crabs, prawns and squid – I was ecstatic when I was called to head on over for a nice dinner at Pince & Pints. Hear me out when I say, get ready to get down and dirty, because there’s no way to enjoy all the food on the menu daintily.

But before I start on the dishes here, I think it's good to mention that Pince & Pints sources their seafood from sustainable fisheries, and is committed to importing from fisheries or harvesters that adhere to strict rules and regulations. So, no fishy business here!

For starters I would recommend the Soy Sauce Fried Chicken ($12), which is a mixture of mid-joint wings and drumlets. I guess you can somehow still attempt to eat this with a fork and knife. But I reckon, you’d want to get your hands into the chicken and eat them clean because this is some good and tasty chicken, which reminded me of my favourite Korean fried chicken.

And now that we’re done with the starter, let’s get on to the crabs, full speed ahead!

The first crab dish we were served was my absolute favourite one for the night. Pince & Pint’s classic dish, the Whole Live Grilled Crab ($55), is a whole mud crab prepared in the restaurant’s signature style, where the crab is painstakingly dissected and brushed with a light coat of butter, before it is grilled to achieve just the right mix of sweetness and char.

Don’t forget to drench the crab in the delicious butter sauce that comes on the side, which made everything taste that much more better. I’m already salivating just thinking about this dish again!

The next dish is a more Chinese style of cooking a crab. Here we have the Whole Live Steamed Crab in Egg White ($55), featuring a while live steamed mud crab on a bed of smooth steamed egg white, topped with spring onions and served with fragrant jasmine rice.

This dish, with Cantonese influences, totally impressed me. Make sure you save some of the crab meat to eat with the steamed egg white!

It’s not a legit crab joint in Singapore if it does not serve the local favourite – chilli crab. The Whole Live Chilli Crab ($58) is a whole live mud crab doused in a generous heaping of Pince & Pint's housemade special sauce. And just like how the locals love it, this dish is served with a side of fried mantou or fragrant jasmine rice.

The Nyonya Chilli lobster Roll ($58) was another star dish in my books. Think: chunky lobster meat from one whole live lobster mixed with sweet and spicy nyonya chilli in a buttery brioche hotdog roll. To top it all off, this dish comes with a side of garlic butter sauce, which you absolutely must have with the roll.

For a whole meal in a plate, you can opt for the Crabmeat Fried Rice ($18), which has fresh crab meat in it already, so you wouldn't need to get your hands dirty for some crab. I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this, because comparing to all the other dishes, I was thinking, "how can fried rice top everything else?" The fried rice had a nice wok hei flavour to it and a super spicy housemade chilli oil was served on the side, which made everything taste that much more awesome.

In my personal opinion, I think that if I were to have to spend on crab in a nice restaurant, there's no where else I'd rather go than Pince & Pints.

*the new dishes are only available at the Duxton Road outlet

Pince & Pints

32-33 Duxton Road

Singapore 089496

Tel: +65 6225 7558

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri - 12pm to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 11pm

Sat & Public Holidays: 12pm to 11pm

Closed on Sundays

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