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Pets & Cup Thai Cafe, Bangsar Telawi

If you’re looking for new pet cafes in KL to check out in 2018, Pets & Cup Thai Cafe is the perfect joint to come to. You get to enjoy amazing, authentic Thai food AND your pets get to roam about freely in the play area (or all around the cafe).

Located in the busiest part of Bangsar, Pets & Cup Thai cafe is strategically nestled in an upstairs nook opposite Cziplee.

Any pet parents dream is to have an indoor play area for their pets to play in on a hot Sunday afternoon and that’s exactly what we got here at Pets & Cup Thai Cafe.

Of course, being huge foodies, the quality of the food matters too. And knowing the chef is Thai ensures authenticity in the dishes. We were super impressed with the quality of food here.

A little backstory: the cafe used to be located in Subang SS14 under the name Thai Salad Cafe. We used to frequent it until they closed to move to Bangsar. The quality of the food has easily maintained from then till now.

You can get your classic favourites like the Thai Iced Tea (RM10) here or even out of this world fantastical drinks like the rainbow rose milk (RM12).

What you’ll be getting here is homemade styled Thai cooking. You feel like you’re dining in a family home rather than a cafe with the food served here. For instance, my mother in law wanted a tom yum meehoon (RM19) and that’s exactly what we got. The clear soup was just the right amount of spicy and sour, filled with not one or two but FOUR tiger prawns.

Next, of course, we had some Thai omelet (RM14). Pair this with some white rice and green curry (RM24) and stir fry basil pork (RM24) and you have a winning combination.

Our favourite dish, which you would be surprised how many places can mess up so easily, is their pineapple fried rice (RM21). It’s a generous portion, enough for 2-3 to share.

Overall, if you’re looking for good Thai food and a place to chill with pets, this is it. You can also get Thai beers for RM11 here. And we were too full for desserts but we will be trying that the next time we’re here!

Pets & Cup Thai Cafe

10A, Jalan Telawi 5,

Bangsar Baru.

Open daily from 10AM-3PM; 5PM-10PM

Closed on MONDAYS


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