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Pang’s Hakka Delicacies @ Antoinette, Penhas Road

With the ushering of this year’s Mid-autumn festival, Antoinette’s Award-Winning Chef Pang Kok Keong has launched Pang’s Hakka Delicacies, a brand new concept that serves up delicious, authentic Hakka cuisine. Chef Pang has spent years researching on traditional Hakka cuisine and we got to try some of his creations.

Do note however, these dishes are all only available for takeaway. So you would need to call to order and drop by to collect your food.

Our personal favourite from the bunch was definitely the homemade Mee Tai Mak ($6 for 250g, $23 for 1kg), which is a dish made from rice flour noodles. It was simply fantastic, because as you feast on it, you will experience a unique fragrance that comes from a combination of pork lard, minced pork, Chinese mushrooms, salted radish, chives, carrots, deep fried beancurd and sprinkles of dried shrimp powder. It is truly an authentic Hakka dish, in every sense of the word. It was so good that we even went back for seconds!

We also got to try the Abacus Seeds ($8 for 250g, $30 for 1kg), made with premium Thai yam, dried shrimps and cuttlefish, leek, garlic, black fungus, dried mushrooms, Chinese celery and minced pork. This dish had a nice chewy texture to it and a good garlic flavour, another must-try, in my opinion.

The thing about Hakka cuisine is that yam is a commonly used food base in a lot of dishes. Enter Chef Pang’s Yam Cake ($8 per box), made with premium Thai yam, lup cheong, fried shallots, Chinese mushrooms and dried shrimps fried in lard.

We also tried a variety of Hakka snacks (or appetisers) such as the mochi-like Mugwort Kueh ($9 for box of 3), filled with white radish, sweet and salted turnip, sliced carrots, Chinese mushrooms, dried shrimps and minced pork.

Or perhaps you can opt for the Leek Kueh ($12 for box of 6), made with rice flour skin and filled with leek, dried shrimps, beancurd as well as garlic.

Another favourite of ours was the Xi Ban ($16 for box of 8), which is a traditional sweet cake eaten during celebrations and festivities. The bright pink bun was fluffy and chewy when we bit into it, which then allows the sweet yam and salted egg yolk filling to ooze out. It was a perfect way to finish off the meal as the sweet nature of the cake provides a nice balance to the strong and savoury flavours of the other dishes.

Don’t forget! The Pang’s Hakka Delicacies are only available for take-out at the Antoinette outlet in 30 Penhas Road.

To order, call or WhatsApp +65 9021 7507.


30 Penhas Rd,


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