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Pak Jen Gulai Panas, Quill City Mall

Pak Jen is a new establishment opening its doors at Quill City Mall. The restaurant features a traditional northern Malay menu founded by two lads in their early 20s whose roots lie in Kedah.

Pak Jen Gulai Panas first opened its doors in December 2017 in Langkawi. And now, they have set their sights into introducing their wholesome traditional northern Malay dishes to Kuala Lumpur.

Chef Ismail cooking and sharing his recipe

Photo by Melvin | Chef Ismail cooking & sharing session

It was our honour to be part of their Grand Opening in Quill City Mall. During the event, we got up close and personal with Chef Ismail also known as Datuk Ismail Ahmad (Malaysia Heritage Chef), who generously shared his gulai panas recipe, and one of his favourite dishes, Gulai Hangat with Prawns. For those who don't know, gulai panas is a type of curry.

Photo by Melvin | Itik Golek RM 14.90

We also got to sample their Itik Golek -- a homemade duck dish prepared in a traditional northern Malay style. The duck was cooked perfectly and the sauce that accompanied paired with the duck meat very well.

Photo by Melvin | Arnab Masak Lemak RM 15.00

We also got to try one of their signature dishes, which is the Arnab Masak Lemak. This is rabbit meat cooked in spiced coconut milk gravy.

I know what most of you are thinking, but we didn't know that this was rabbit meat until after we ate it. We just thought it resembled ayam kampung. Though we normally do not eat rabbit meat, we were quite blown away by this dish.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar, rabbit meat is quite common in some traditional Malay dishes. So, don't be too surprised if you find "daging arnab" in some Malay restaurants.

Photo by Melvin | Dendeng Daging RM 10.00

Next up, we tried the Dendeng Daging. Be warned! This dish is rather spicy! The meat might look a little tough here but looks are certainly deceiving in this case, because it was actually very soft and tender.

Photo by Melvin | Gulai Panas Ikan Bawal RM 15.00

Out of all the meat dishes, the Gulai Panas Ikan Bawal turned out to be my personal favourite. This dish is a black Pomfret fish served with gulai. And gulai is always best served with white rice to enjoy the full flavours and boy, did we indulge in a lot of gulai and rice that day!

Photo by Melvin | Kerabu Mangga RM 10.00

Taking a break from all the meaty dishes, we also enjoyed a lovely mango salad. The salad was moist, yet crunchy and was a great palate cleanser.

Photo by Melvin | Pak Jen Signature Drinks

Since lots of the dishes here are pretty spicy, you're sure to need some drinks to calm the heat. Drinks here are also pretty unique. You can try their signature drinks like the Cenang Ais, Coke Tarik and Lychee Mojito, but i personally would recommend trying their teh tarik.

Photo by Melvin | Teh Tarik

If it's something that Pak Jen stands out for, it is their freshness in ingredients. Be sure to drop by to taste the goodness for yourself!

Students and staff of University Kuala Lumpur, DBKL, EXIM Bank, SME Bank and Quill group would get to enjoy a discount when you flash your staff/student card. So be sure to make good use of the discount and enjoy your meal here!

Pak Jen Gulai Panas Langkawi

Lot 4.02, Level 4, Quill City Mall

Jalan Sultan Ismail

50250 Kuala Lumpur

Open Daily from 9.30am - 10pm

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