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Otto's Deli Fresh, Holland Village

Raffles Holland V Mall opened not long ago, but with the big “Raffles Medical” sign at the top, most would just think that it’s a healthcare centre. But what you don’t know is that there are hidden treasures within this mall.

One of which is Otto’s Deli Fresh, a new dining establishment by Chef Otto Weibel. Born in Switzerland, Chef Otto has been serving out delights since 1973, when he first arrived in Singapore to work at the Shangri-la Hotel.

And we got a taste of the new menu featuring a meat platter as well as three delightful steaks that were cooked to medium perfection.

The Butcher Platter($22) was served on a wooden paddle, with a selection of cold meat cuts. There were plenty to choose from, such as Chorizo Salami, Premium Honey Glazed Ham, Hungarian Salami, Mortadella Pork Ham, Parma Ham, Paprika Lyones and Pork Meatloaf. All platters come with a basket of warm toasty bread. I would recommend that dig into the bread first, so you don’t miss out on the fragrant, crunchy bread while it’s still hot. This platter serving is ideal as an appetiser for 2 pax, so bring along that special someone to try it with!

Next up are the steaks, and as a note, all the steaks are imported from Australia and served with thick cut potato fries. We begin with the Grass-fed Beef Ribeye($18). The meat is chewy and tender, with a decent amount of fat. Very economical for its price tag indeed.

Following which, we had the Grain-fed Angus Beef Ribeye($28), which we felt was juicier than the grass-fed beef. The meat tasted great and with each bite, we found ourselves wanting more of that tasty beef.

Lastly, we tried the Wagyu Grain-fed Beef Sirlion Grade 6 ($35), no doubt the top pick amongst the three steaks that we tried this evening. Despite it being the priciest, make no mistake that the Wagyu meat was the most succulent and was well worth the price tag due to its high marbling grade of 6. Every bite was so delicious and the fat just simply melts in your mouth. Absolutely delightful and highly recommended for all you steak-lovers out there!

Also, did you know that Otto’s Deli Fresh serves their own brew of homemade Ice Lemon Tea ($4)? We got to try it and it was very refreshing. Great to sip on those hot blistering days that we are accustomed to here in Singapore!

So let’s not stand on ceremony, ladies and gentlemen. Make a date and head on down to Otto’s Deli Fresh! You can find them online at

Otto’s Deli Fresh

118 Holland Avenue

#02-01 Raffles @ Holland Village

Singapore 278990

Tel: (65) 6694 3291

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