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New ramen offerings at Tsuta Ramen, Orchard Road

Tsuta is back again with two brand new ramen in their menu – the Tori Paitan Soba, a chicken ramen, that comes in both original and spicy options.

Along with these new ramen, there are some new side dishes for you to try out too!

These new additions will be on the menu from 29 June 2018 (Friday).

Now let’s take a look at some of the new offerings.

First, we had the Edamame ($4.80), which basically is a bowl of boiled peas. BUT NO! This is so much more. As a lover of this healthier snack option, I really enjoyed this and would definitely be coming back for more. The peas are specially brought in from Japan, boiled, and seasoned with a mixture of crunchy Mongolian rock salt and pepper to give it that extra nutty flavour.

Here’s a popular Japanese starter – the gyoza. There are two types of gyozas in the new menu, one steamed and one fried. The gyozas are made with thin wheat flour skin, seasoned minced pork, shiso leaves and momen tofu.

The Sui Gyoza ($4.80) was steamed to a perfection and is my personal preferred choice of gyoza. I especially liked how the skin was soft and the sauce that came with the Sui Gyoza complemented it very well.

The Yaki Gyoza ($4.80) would be a better choice for those of you who prefer your dumplings fried. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this was especially great with the special dipping sauce it came with, which is made of shoyu tare and Japanese vinaigrette.

And on to the mains – the two ramen!

The Original Tori Paitan ($12.00) was my preferred one, compared to the spicy one, as the broth was more flavourful in this and I could clearly taste that the broth was simmered for a long time. The chicken pieces were also pretty good, as they were marinated in elegant shoyu and white wine then roasted to bring the flavours together.

The Spicy Tori Paitan ($13.00) is made with the same flavourful chicken dashi with the addition of some chilli oil, which is made with chilli padi, olive oil and leek. I personally felt that the chilli overpowered some of the awesome chicken-y flavours of the broth. But you can try adding the tomato paste on the side and transform the broth into something different altogether.

To end the meal on a sweet note, Tsuta is adding a single dessert dish to its menu. The Matcha Bavaro ($2.80) has a strong matcha taste, as it’s made with legit premium matcha, and topped with aazuki beans and a dash of whipped cream. I very much enjoyed this, but my only issue with this is that it’s quite small in size. Well, since it isn’t too expensive, you can always order another one!

Tsuta is by far one of my favourite ramen place for amazing ramen that will not leave a hole in my wallet! The chicken ramen will be replacing the duck ramen we previously reviewed (and which I personally still prefer) from 29 June onwards.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t chicken out on Tsuta’s new menu!

Tsuta Ramen

9 Scotts Road,

#01-01, Pacific Plaza,

228210 Singapore

Tel: +65 6734 4886

Opening hours:

11am to 9.30pm daily

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