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New menu @ Opus Bar & Grill, Hilton Orchard

This year, Hilton’s Opus Bar & Grill turns 4 and to celebrate its birthday, they will be sporting a new menu. Rest assure that Opus, being one of Singapore’s top 10 steakhouses, will continue to bring you super quality meat dishes.

The meat you’d find here are all carefully hand-selected from Australia, New Zealand and the US. Opus’ premium sharing cuts are bone-in show stoppers and platters that showcase a variety of textures and flavours. Each is masterfully cooked by expert chefs over an open-flame grill using charcoals and sustainable Jarrah wood to achieve the perfect char, and smoky caramelised flavours.

Speaking of sustainable products, did you know that Hilton’s Opus is the first ever restaurant in Asia to use sustainable seafood ingredients?

So let’s move from the fun facts and on to the food!

For starters, we tried the new-in-the-menu Crab Cake ($18), featuring chunky premium lump crabmeat, celeriac, remoulade and pink grapefruit for extra tanginess. I usually love my crab cakes done Thai-style, but this was just as good and enjoyable.

The Watermelon & Feta Salad ($15) is a mix of red and yellow watermelon with feta cheese tossed in a white balsamic dressing. At first, this sounded a little odd to me, mixing watermelon and cheese, but it surprisingly went well together, especially with the balsamic dressing that gave it a slight sour-ish tinge to balance the sweet watermelon.

One thing I love about Opus is that they’re big on big crowds, with their sharing cuts that are just great for everyone to dig in together.

We were quite a large crowd and decided to have some sharing dishes. We got the Wagyu & Lobster ($138), featuring 500g of super tender wagyu steak with a melt-in-your-mouth feel and a whole juicy Boston lobster.

Another new sharing platter on the menu is the Chateaubriand ($128) -- 600g of pure roasted tenderloin from New Zealand, served medium or medium rare.

The Premium Butcher's Platter ($138) has a few different cuts in a single platter, such as a 600g Black Angus bone-in rib eye, 150g Wagyu rump cap, braised Wagyu beef short rib, grain-fed and marble score 4-5 gourmet beef sausages. A little of everything goes a long way and with this platter you'd get a selection of some of Opus' favourite premium cuts.

All sharing cuts come with two choices of sauces. Choose between the armagnac green peppercorn, bearnaise, tomato and pepper relish, Opus smokey barbeque sauce, smoked chilli glaze, and my personal favourites the black truffle & wild mushroom, red wine & bone marrow and the chimichurri.

There are some sharing sides too and we decided to go for the recommended Opus Over-The-Top Fries ($15). These fries are indeed "over-the-top", with it being cooked in foie gras fat, tossed in truffle puree, and then topped with a generous heaping of grated parmesan. This is also in my opinion, a must-try! And to be honest, it's so good, I think I'll be able to finish a whole bowl myself.

For those of you in smaller groups, don't worry, you're not missing out on all the fun. There are new single cuts on the menu as well as other individual mains.

For the single cuts, pick between the 250g of 150-day Grain-fed Angus Rib Eye ($58), 250g of 150-day Grain-fed Angus Tenderloin ($62), 250g of Tajima Wagyu Rib Eye ($82), and 300g of Wagyu Sirloin ($78).

To jazz things up, I highly suggest to top your cut with some seared foie gras (additional $10). Or even the Grilled Jumbo prawn (additional $24).

If you like it raw, you can even opt to try out the Hand-cut 160g Steak Tartare ($44).

Although Opus does specialise in offering great meaty choices, you can find some fish dishes on the menu too.

One I thought was rather interesting was the New Zealand Rockling Fish ($38), served with saffron-marinated seasonal vegetables and topped with an aromatic sauce.

And for dessert, I would highly recommend to get some cakes from the D9 Cakery right next door. Check out some of our favourites from D9 Cakery here.

This is not our first time to Opus, and this will definitely not be the last. Make your way down and try one of the city's best beef cuts now!

Opus Bar & Grill

Lobby Level,

Hilton Singapore

581 Orchard Road

Singapore 238883

Tel: +65 6730 3390


Operating hours:

Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily) Bar: 10am - 12am (Daily)

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