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  • Samantha Chiew

New menu at Upper Place @ Wangz Hotel, Outram Park

We are back again at the Upper Place in Wangz Hotel to savour some of Chef William’s gastronomic creations in a few new additions to the menu. The last time we were here, we were so impressed and was at total awe with the food here that we knew that we were going to be blown away once again here.

Jumping straight into the food, we had the Pumpkin Soup ($14) to start and just looking at it, it was quite interesting with the papadum on top of it. Who would’ve thought that papadum would go so well with soup?! The pumpkin soup was made with yogurt, cumin and some basil oil, giving it a good blend of Asian flavours.

We also tried the Crab Cake ($24), which I thought was one of the best crab cakes I’ve ever had. Crab cakes are quite hard to get right, in my opinion, because more often than not, the filling inside ends up quite smushy and oily. This was a good consistency (and taste of course) – super crispy on the outside and just soft on in inside. I also loved how Chef William added watermelons on the side to help give the dish an overall sweet touch.

Next for starters, we had the Tortilla Cup ($18), which was basically a bowl made of tortilla and inside salsa, vermicelli and chicken. Be warned though, there is no “glamourous” way to eat this dish. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, but believe me when I say that it’s all worth it.

And to the mains! We had the Seafood Stew ($36), which was just filled with seafood. And if you think that this might be pricey, just take a look at the amount of seafood in this dish – fish, squid, prawns, crab meat and mussels! The amount of quality seafood here in one dish, is definitely worth the price.

I seem to really like the seafood dishes here at Upper Place. And apart from the Seafood Stew, the Red Snapper ($28) was also no exception. The fillet of red snapper was served in a lentil stew with the additions of bacon, savoy cabbage and pickled ginger. I personally am not a fan of lentils, due to its mushy consistency. But taste-wise, I would definitely give this an A star!

For those of you who would prefer some red meat, try the super tender Beef Cheek ($34) that just melts in your mouth! I also especially loved the potato puree (just like mashed potatoes but creamier).

Finally, for dessert, we had the Poached Pear ($14) that features pear soaked in lemon, red wine, spices and herbs, giving it a very warm and hearty flavour. Definitely a refreshing and light way to end the meal.

This is our second time at Upper Place @ Wangz Hotel and once again, we are super impressed by Chef William’s creations. Coupled with the amazing city view you’d get from dining here, this makes for the perfect place for an intimate celebration.

Don’t forget to make a reservation as seating is limited here. You can do so easily online via Quandoo here.

Upper Place

231 Outram Road,

WANGZ Hotel Rooftop (R Level),

169040 Singapore

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