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New Menu at The Butcher's Kitchen, Suntec City Mall

We are back here again at The Butcher's kitchen celebrating their 15th Anniversary.

This establishment is known for it's quality meats and they take pride in educating their customers on where the meats come from and how the meats are truly supposed to taste like.

This time round The Butcher's Kitchen has decided to create a few dishes inspired by international cuisine made with premium quality, all-natural meats. Get ready for a feast around the globe!

The first starter we tasted was the Moo Ping ($12.80) "Moo" means pork in Thai. This pork skewer was delicious and leans towards the sweet side with a hint of smokiness. The homemade Thai chilli sauce was spicy, but added so much flavour to the dish.

The second starter we tried was the Bulgogi Dog ($8.80) inspired by a traditional Korean staple. This is perfect for a quick lunch or a starter for the table to share. The beef slices were extremely tender and marinated with a secret blend of ingredients.

The Cowboy Kimchi Burger ($18.80) was a harmonious fusion of American and Korean influences that featured the US Black Angus Beef patty and the fresh kimchi! The homemade patty was tender and certainly packed with flavour.

Moving forward, we tasted the Porky Aglio Olio ($15.80) topped with sliced roast pork and tossed with Thai Chilli padi, which gave the dish a nice spicy kick. This was one of the best dishes we tasted all night and is something I will definitely come back for more.

We also tucked into the Rib King ($15.80), which was a western twist on the Chinese-style pork ribs. It was on the sweet side but the meat was extremely tender and juicy.

The Oozy Cheesy Chicken ($23.80) is a dream come true for all the cheese lovers out there. However, I personally thought that this dish was somewhat mediocre compared to the rest. The mashed potatoes in this did help bring the flavours together and cut through the dryness of the meat.

The Butcher's Burger ($18.80) had a good amount of bacon strips, a sunny side up egg and the caramelised onion, which brought the whole burger together. This is a hearty meal perfect for someone who is really hungry for meat!

We ended the night on a sweet note having to choose from many different flavours of gelato. The flavours above are cheesecake, as well as chocolate & banana, both at ($5.80) each.

Overall, we had a great experience once again. We love how The Butcher's Kitchen continuously emphasises that food should not only be delicious, but also made fresh with safe and healthy ingredients.

The Butcher's Kitchen is the restaurant extension of The Butcher, a renowned Aussie butcher with over 15 years of history in Singapore.

Head on over today to taste these new dishes and if you are a meat lover, purchase some meat over the counter and bring it back to your kitchen!

The Butcher's Kitchen

Suntec City Mall, #02-472

Singapore 038989

Opening hours

Mondays-Fridays: 11am - 3pm / 5pm-9pm

Weekends: 11am-9pm

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