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  • Vincent Lim

New Line Up of Desserts at Bakerzin

Have you ever went to a restaurant and thought to yourself, “Why can't I just have desserts for dinner today.”? Well I got to live that fantasy at Bakerzin as they introduce an assortment of new desserts for 2018, including a few classic signatures that you can’t go wrong with.

Starting with some of the new desserts, one of my favourites was Miss Berry Ruby ($8). This glistening red block of mousse cake was nice and tangy and wasn’t too sweet, with the hint of hazelnut and chocolate ice-cream really balanced the sourness.

If you like your tang a little more subtle, the Berry Crumble ($9) would be a perfect choice. The buttery crumble and almonds to add savouriness to the berry filling. Paired with a lighter but complementary vanilla ice-cream and light whipped cream makes this just as good as any berry pie.

Pistachio lovers will go nuts for Pistachio Madness ($8). The mix of chocolate and nutty bottom crust reminded me of Ferrero Rocher. I really enjoyed the added touch of raspberry jam to cut the overall sweetness of the moose cake.

The Lychee Rose Cake ($11 was hands down my favourite of the 4 new desserts I tried. The incredibly light lychee was sweet without tasting sugary. Even though the added toppings of slice strawberries and ice-cream was a welcome addition, it was one that I could have enjoyed entirely on its own. If you love lychee then you will definitely love this.

Not to be overshadowed by the new desserts on the block, Bakerzin’s signature desserts are as good as ever. You can’t go wrong with their Signature Warm Chocolate Cake ($9) and their incredibly buttery and crips French Waffles ($12).

But I have to say their Chocolate Soufflé ($9) really stole my heart. If you know about soufflés you’ll know that it’s one of the most delicate desserts and Bakerzin nailed it. Soft and fluffy yet rich with chocolate-y flavour, the piping hot sponge cake went perfectly with the cold vanilla ice-cream.

You can’t go wrong with a place that has baker in its name. Bakerzin’s affordable and quality dessert will satisfy any sweet tooth out there.

To find a Bakerzin near you, check out their locations and opening hours here

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