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New keto offerings @ Seriously Keto, Seah Street

We have previously been to Seriously Keto when it first opened last year. And now, we’re glad to say that they have expanded their offerings and here are some of the new stuff you can check out.

But before I get into that, do note that these treats are not your typical bakes you get everywhere else. These are keto-compliant food that are made to be very low in carbohydrates. Hence, they are made without any gluten products (no rice or wheat flour) and without sugar (sugar substitutes are used instead). Check out my previous post to find out more about the keto diet.

And now, on to Seriously Keto’s new treats.

For those new to the keto diet, carb cravings will be strong. When I first started back in March 2019, I was constantly craving for bread (and desserts). Seriously Keto does offer keto-compliant buns and now they are introducing their new Black Sesame Keto Loaf ($10.90). With only 3g of net carb per slice, this wholesome bread is also loaded with nutrients. It is made with both black and white sesame, which are rich in protein and healthy fats.

Snack on some Chocolate Chip Cookies (8 pieces for $7.20) made with Lindt 90% Cocoa Supreme Dark Chocolate. These bittersweet cookies have a nice chewy texture and are very chocolately.

I never thought I could get my favourite madeleine snacks made keto-friendly. Seriously Keto’s Madeleine (4 pieces for $8.80) were so buttery with a nice hint of orange zest. Honestly, this is still incomparable to the real thing, but if you’re like me and on a strict keto diet, no complaints here at all.

Did you know that sauces always contain a lot of sugar and starch? These are big no-nos for someone on a keto diet. Seriously Keto has come up with their SK Special Sauce ($10.90), which is essentially a savoury garlicky brown sauce that goes well with meat dishes. This sauce is indeed special as it can be used many ways – as a marinade, saute sauce, dip or even a salad drizzle.

Checkout also Seriously Keto’s new keto drink – Iced Coffee Coconut Jelly ($6.60) – which is great to have on a hot day. You can also pair that with a slice of Chocolate Brownie Cake ($9.60; 20cm cake for $115).

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