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New concepts @ Picnic, Wisma Atria

Picnic Food Park in Wisma Atria recently unveiled 3 of their brand-new exciting concepts, which we had the exclusive pleasure to try out.

Whipping out an insatiable variety of both Japanese and local flavours, their new line-up includes Kumo Keiki’s coveted Japanese rice flour soufflé pancakes from Tokyo, as well as Dai 福 ku (Daifuku) by Seizan – another partnership between Picnic and Two-Michelin Kaiseki restaurant Seizan, Tokyo, which offers fully-customisable Daifuku, a first in Singapore.

The latest addition also includes Brother Cheng’s Chicken Rice, which was developed after extensive research and development. The chicken rice is cooked with a combination of techniques that marry the best from the Hainanese and Cantonese styles.

We first tried the chicken rice, which features succulent corn-fed ’kampong’ chicken served with a complimenting mix of soy sauce, sesame oil and a bed of crunchy cucumber slices, recreating a sort of homely traditional flavour. The key recipe that makes Brother Cheng’s Chicken Rice so unique is its prized ingredient - Bentong Ginger. Grown only in the mountain region of Pahang (somewhere near Genting), this ginger is used to prepare their spicy handmade chilli sauce. The Bentong Ginger is also added into the Thai jasmine rice along with chicken fat, pandan leaves and chicken stock to give it an alluring flavour.

Their thoughtfully curated sets for one ($14.90), three ($42.90) and six ($84.90) are served with a side of oyster sauce vegetables and chicken soup. Add-ons such as Traditional Beansprouts ($3) and Oyster Sauce Vegetables ($3) are also available.

Next on the menu, we got to indulge ourselves in Kumo Keiki’s Japanese rice flour soufflé pancake. The warm and fluffy Strawberry Pancakes ($22 for three pieces; $19 for two pieces) topped with freshly sliced strawberries, house whipped cream with sides of strawberry sauce and creamy vanilla ice cream was an ultimate treat.

Featuring chestnut purée, house-made sweet potato paste and a single Japanese chestnut on the signature stack of light-as-air pancakes, this pancake is a Kumo Keiki's rendition of the classic Japanese dessert - Mont Blanc Pancake ($22 for three pieces; $19 for two pieces).

This light-hearted treat is sprinkled with Japanese matcha powder and served with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream.

We summed up the night with Da 福 ku (Daifuku) by Seizan’s customisable Specialty Daifuku. Their exquisite pre-fixed specialty daifuku comes in five flavours: Strawberry, Traditional, Matcha Mont Blanc, Chocolate and Yuzu. Perfect as an indulgent treat or for gifting, these cute, tasty and customised daifukus are priced at $6 each.

The stretchy-textured strawberry mochi skin filled with red bean paste, freshly sliced strawberry and whipped cream was the main highlight of the evening with its thoughtfully crafted inventive touches.

We had a great time trying out these exquisite new flavours from Kumo Keiki, Dai 福 ku (Daifuku) by Seizan and Brother Cheng’s Chicken Rice. It was definitely a satisfying evening and we look forward to going back to Picnic Food Park for more dining experience!

Picnic Food Park Wisma Atria Address: 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria, #03-15, Singapore 238877

Tel: 6734 8352

Opening Hours Daily: 11am to 10pm



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