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Nene Chicken, SkyAvenue Genting

Photo by Melvin | Exterior of NeNe Chicken

During our crazy 24-hour food trail at SkyAvenue Genting, we tried so many interesting restaurants with different themes and cuisines. One of the places we went to was NeNe Chicken. Ne Ne Chicken is a brand originating from Seoul, and has been around since 1999, but only gracing is with its presence at SkyAvenue this year in January.

Photo by Melvin | 3 Different Flavours of NeNe Chicken Wingettes & Drumettes selection

At this fast food joint, we tried 3 different flavours of chicken Wingettes & Drumettes, one of the most popular selections in the NeNe Chicken Menu. Beside wingettes & drumettes, they also serve classic chicken and burgers.

Photo by Melvin | NeNe Chicken Freaking Hot Flavour Wingettes & Drumettes

First up was the Freaking Hot flavour of wings. Be warned because you have to be able to handle the spiciness of this dish like a pro! But it’s a great dish to have in the cool atmosphere in Genting.

Photo by Melvin | NeNe Chicken Bulgogi Flavour Wingettes & Drumettes

To kill off some of that spiciness, we tried their Bulgogi flavoured Wingettes & Drumettes. It was sweet, with a little garlic flavoured sauce on top of the chicken, making it very appetising to consume.

Photo by Melvin | NeNe Chicken Swicy Flavour Wingettes & Drumettes

Finally, we had their Swicy Flavour Wingettes & Drumettes. This flavour came off a little sourish and spicy but the spiciness level here was just right. A good balance for those who can’t take too much spice.

Photo by Melvin | NeNe Chicken Soft-serve Sesame Ice-Cream

For dessert, we tried the sesame soft-serve. This is the perfect way to end the meal as the sesame was a gentle flavour on our palates.

Nene Chicken is a great stop for anyone looking for a satisfying meal.

Nene Chicken

T2C-09 Level 4,


Genting Highlands

Operation Time: 10am-10pm Daily

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