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Natsu, Clementi Mall

West siders rejoice as the awesome people behind Pezzo brings you the first and only specialty Japanese Tempura Kiosk right at Clementi Mall.

Natsu is also in the process of applying for their Halal certification. So, that's good news for our Muslim friends who'll be able join the fun very soon.

One of their dishes to look forward to would be the Jumbo Prawn ($3) where you can taste the freshness and juiciness of the prawn while enjoying the tempura, and It’s great that they’ve made sure that each piece is not too oily.

Just because Natsu is a kiosk, that does not mean you're not able to get a full meal here. There are even set meals here too. Give their Tempura & Onsen Set ($5.90) a try as it comes with Japanese pearl rice, onsen egg, kakiage, pumpkin, baby French beans, sesame cucumber salad topped with bonito flakes and seaweed.

And just for an additional $1.50, you can opt for matcha soba instead of the Japanese pearl rice. I personally loved the matcha soba and even got creative and added fish roe and octopus as above.

If meat’s what you are craving for, you’d love to find out that they have Chicken Tendon ($7.90), which comes with two big pieces of chicken tempura along with other delicious add-ons.

I am just happy to know that I can swing by not far from home for tempura meals, if I need my Japanese fix at an affordable price.


Clementi Mall


Operating Hours:


10:30AM – 10PM

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