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myVillage Food Trip, Serangoon

The angular facade of myVillage.

The folks of myVillage has kindly invited us to an exploratory food trip of the newest ventures in myVillage, and as self-proclaimed foodies, we surely had to head down to see what was in store for us.

We were brought around to the three eateries based in myVillage: Kor Kai, The Peel 1889, and The Acai Collective.

An array of Kor Kai's Isaan-inspired cuisines in a photo.

Located at the basement level, Kor Kai serves up hot Isaan delicacies (read: Northeastern Thailand) which gravitate towards herb-and-spice infused savour. Heading in to Kor Kai, the welcoming smell of roast and grilled goodness will immediately hit you.

Signature Thai Grilled Chicken ($23+): grilled goodness in a picture.

The character and layer complexity which is inherent in Isaan dishes are heavily featured in Kor Kai, for example the Signature Thai Grilled Chicken ($23+: whole, $13+: half) is tender and juicy, enhanced with coriander roots and white peppercorns for that remarkable oomph. Most of the dishes are paired with a specially curated sauce to further highlight the colorful notes that each dish has.

Thai Papaya Salad ($6.50+), sour and crunchy appetizer to whet your appetite.

Isaan Beef Steak Ribeye with Spicy Dipping Sauce ($23+), with its delectable tenderness and doneness at your choice. Best paired with rice!

Stuffed Whole Squid with Tom Yum Fried Rice ($16.50+), stuffed with goodness. Another personal favourite is the Stuffed Whole Squid with Tom Yum Fried Rice ($16.50+), which is a fairly unique twist to the usual tom yum fried rice. Not only did the grilled squid provide a smoky aftertaste, the stuffed tom yum fried rice was delightfully fragrant. Surprisingly, I wasn’t put off by the texture of the grilled squid, which tends to be rubbery when overcooked. In this case, there was a slight chew with little resistance. You’ll be pleased to know that Kor Kai has no service charge (yay!) so if you have cravings for Thai food around the area, Kor Kai’s the place to try!

The Peel 1889's array of extensive Italian cuisine.

Coming up, we were brought to The Peel 1889, which stars familiar Italian cuisines such as pizzas and pastas. Named after the year that margherita pizzas were created and the “pizza spade” used to place pizzas in the stove, it is little wonder that the main highlight is the 1889 Margherita Premium Pizza ($23).

1889 Margherita Premium Pizza ($23) with its burrata (filled with inner burrata "babies"). Sold only in limited quantities each day, The Peel 1889 flies in fresh whole burrata weekly Wednesdays to be served with the 1889 Margherita Premium Pizza, which is smoother and creamier than the usual mozzarella. With wine tomatoes on the thin crust for extra sweetness, overall it makes it much talked about amongst regulars. While stocks last! The Peel 1889 further extends its gratitude to its consumers by absorbing GST and service charges! (That’s double good news!)

Arancini ($8), deep-fried truffled mushroom risotto balls over tomato puree.

Carbonara ($17) in foreground with 63 degrees runny egg and crisp parmesan chip.

Tea,tea or tea? (Raspberry tea (in red) and White Pear tea featured). The Peel 1889 also does its own cold brew teas like iced lemon tea, raspberry tea as well as white pear tea. The white pear tea was light and tasted more flowery than fruity, whereas the iced lemon tea was a generic to-go drink we are all too familiar with, but pre-bottled with no added sugar. The adventurous may also look out for weekly locally-inspired fusion creations of pizzas/pastas!

Some of lovely and healthy dried toppings that The Acai Collective offers.

Actual representations of what sizes The Acai Collective offers: Acai and Acerola.

Ending off on a sweet note, we headed to The Acai Collective for some healthy superfoods for dessert! Also known to be substituted as a low-calorie meal replacement, their bowls are served with fresh organic acai, barring artificial preservatives and sweeteners, making their good-to-honest blend all the more exceptional. With fruity toppings such as dragonfruit and kiwi to nutty goodness like cacao nibs and almond slices, the health-conscious would be thrilled for sure!

The Acai Collective has also kindly brought in the Acerola (a superfood cherry known for its abundance of antioxidants and Vitamin C) and Buckini (choco-toasted activated buckwheat that is high in minerals) bowls, which are first of its kind in Singapore. We had a half-and-half mix of Acerola Coligo ($7.50, $9.50, $13.50) and Acai Collective ($6.50, $8.50, $12.50) bowl to try out, and it was apparent that the icy goodness was fresh, sweet and especially sour (for the acerola bowl) - perfect to cool down for sweltering Singapore. The Acerola Coligo-Acai Collective bowl was definitely delicious and not a hint of guilt (and acai) were left when we finished it. A would-recommend on the list of places to go in myVillage! Having explored just a fraction of what myVillage has to offer, we were filled to the brim with hearty sustenance. If you’re near the area and you’re just not willing to sweat it out at Chomp Chomp Food Centre across the road, hop across to myVillage instead! myVillage 1 Maju Avenue Singapore 556679 myVillage Opening Hours: Daily: 10.00am - 10.00pm Kor Kai: Daily: 11am - 9pm (eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays may differ) The Peel 1889: Daily: 11am - 10pm (eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays may differ) The Acai Collective: Daily: 10.30am - 10.30pm (eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays may differ)

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