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Munchy’s Choc-O, Malaysia

It was truly an honour to be invited by Munchy’s for the launch of their brand new Munchy’s Choc-O. Munchy’s Choc-O is the latest innovation from Munchy’s that features a crunchy chocolate chip cookie topped with a delicious chocolate drizzle.

Photo by Melvin | Munchy's Choc-O Lauching Event

During the launch event, they ran several competitions, utilising their new Munchy’s Choc-O product.

Photo by Melvin | Munchy's Choc-O Guessing Beg

First, they had the “cookies bag guessing” game where we had to try and guess how many Munchy’s Choc-O’s were in the bag, and the closest guess won a prize.

Photo by Melvin | Munchy's Choc-O Cookies Design Competition

There was also the Munchy’s Choc-O cookies design contest. The audience got involved by voting for their favourite design.

Photo by Melvin | Artist Presenting Munchy's Choc-O

Last but not least was the grand launch of the Munchy’s Choc-O. They had invited an artist to draw the Munchy’s Choc-O poster live with glue and gold dust.

And that was the official launch of the new Munchy’s Choc-O. The Munchy’s Choco-O comes in three different flavours which includes Original, for those who are true chocolate chip fans and Double choc, for those who call themselves chocoholics and also Mixed Nuts, for those who are real nutty & adventurous about life!

Munchy’s Choc-O is now available at any of the neighbourhood grocery stores, hypermarkets and retails outlets nationwide.

They come in three different pack sizes:

78 gm = RM2.30 (WM); RM2.60 (EM)

125 gm = RM3.60 (WM); RM3.80 (EM)

235 gm = RM7.80 (WM); RM8.30 (EM)

*WM: West Malaysia; EM: East Malaysia

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