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  • Nicholas Yong

Morganfield’s, Orchard Central

The last time I paid Morganfield’s a visit, I was completely stuffed enjoying a plate of their pride and joy “Sticky Bones” spare ribs.

This time around, I was invited to try their new Spoilt for Choice platters. These are introduced just in time for both Mother’s and Father's day. And in conjunction with the celebratory period, we will be giving away some Morganfield's dining vouchers to a few lucky winners for the month of May and June.

Just head on over to our Instagram page here and enter the giveaway!

Before I gobble through the platters, first I had to try their BBQ Brisket Nachos. It serves as the starter but to be honest, there was plenty on the plate to play the role of the main dish. A generous portion of moist, soft and juicy beef briskets are served with tortilla chips and sour cream on the side. Smaller tummies can call it a day with this dish alone.

But of course, you should be saving your stomach for the star of this promotion. The 3 Wise Men Meat Combo Platter is named after the three highlight meat dishes — Jim Beam BBQ Lamb Chop, Johnnie Walker BBQ Beef Brisket, and the Jack Daniel’s Sticky Bones Spare Ribs.

The highlight of the dish is definitely Morganfield’s speciality Sticky Bones. The meat simply peels off the bone perfectly, plus the addition of Jack Daniels gives it a creamy texture. With its charred skin, it’s like having both a crunchy outside and soft inside mouthfeel at once.

The other two dishes aren’t just supporting characters on the platter. The Jim Bean lamb chop is tender, juicy and cooked well that it can be easily cut through. As for the beef brisket, it’s as good as the little chunky ones on the starter but the Jack Daniel’s gives it additional flavour.

As I tend to lean to seafood, the selection on the Seafood Combo Platter excites me just a little bit more. I was a little suspect on trying seafood at the “Home of Sticky Bones”. But my fears were alleviated after taking a bite off the fresh Grilled Tiger Prawns and Cheesy Baked Scallops. My only complaint was that I wanted more on the platter. I also liked the Blackened Salmon, which has a very bold flavour from the spice seasoning. I wish the Mussels Marinara sauce had a more richer taste but the mussels made up for it.

Between the two new choices for drinks, I liked the Pink Lemonade — freshly squeezed lemon with a hint of cranberry.

The Ginger Pop will definitely appeal to ginger ale fans, which is also mixed with brown sugar, honey and fresh mint.

Service too, is excellent. Before you get your hands dirty, waiters will tie a bib so you don’t make a mess of yourself - something that will definitely happen when you indulge in any of the two Spoilt for Choice platters.

Give it a try at any of their outlets in The Star Vista, Suntec City, VivoCity or Orchard Central.

Don’t forget to to enter our giveaway contest in our Instagram page for a chance to win some Morganfield's dining vouchers!

Morganfield’s Orchard Central

181 Orchard Road

#11-03/04 Orchard Central

Singapore 238896

Operating Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 11am - 11pm

Friday - Saturday/Public Holiday eve - 11am - 12pm

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