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Monstrous and fun-tastic Japanese meals by Kaiju Kaiju

From the good people who brought you unique AI-generated wraps, Wrapbstrd and one of Singapore's most sought after vegan burger, Love Handle Burgers, Ebb and Flow group is proud to bring Singapore a brand new fun-tastic Japanese concept – Kaiju Kaiju. Kaiju which literally means "strange beast" in Japanese is where Kaiju Kaiju got its myriad of fun and beastly menu offerings that uses wholesome Japanese ingredients to satisfy your monstrous Japanese food cravings.

Start off your meal with Kaiju Kaiju's Gyudora ($20) which consists of Wagyu short ribs (MB5), fried mushroom seasoned with home made truffle tare, rakkyo pickles, wasabi, served with a generous portion of rich and fragrant beef fat rice, and topped with a luscious and creamy onsen egg.

Besides that, for those of you who enjoy eating California roll, youwill not want to miss out on their Kanizor ($20). The Kanizor features a whole crispy soft shell crab, served over a bed of freshly tossed salad that comprises fresh romaine lettuce, crunchy cucumber, diced avocado, tamagoyaki, tobiko, and shredded crab stick. It is then drizzled with a generous amount of Japanese Mayo and is served alongside three pieces of mini onigiri.

As much as we love the combination of soft shell crab and the fresh salad, we found the excessive serving of mayonnaise to have overpowered the natural flavours of the salad, and we would recommend requesting the mayonnaise dressing to be served on the side instead.

Health enthusiast who are watching their diet might find the Maguron ($18) to be an ideal choice for a healthier meal option. The Maguron is a simple yet satiating tuna tataki dish that combines delicate tuna pieces that is marinated in soy and crusted with roasted sesame, accompanied with a healthy serving of cold soba noodles. In addition to that, the tuna tataki is served atop a salad of romaine lettuce, momotaro tomatoes, avocado, crunchy japanese cucumber, and tossed in a refreshing and citrusy soy-yuzu vinaigrette.

Not only do they serve fun-tastic main dishes, Kaiju Kaiju also serves up authentic side dishes and Classic Japanese favourites such as the Chicken Nanban ($10) – No frills fried juicy Karaage chicken pieces served with Kaiju's in-house made special tartare sauce and freshly sliced cabbage.

Last but not least, get your hands on The Tofu Nuggets ($6.50) for a comforting yet addictive snack to complement your main meals. Dipped these little treats in your choice of Wasabi Mayo, Tartare Sauce or Curry Mayo that is made in-house as well.

Kaiju Kaiju is only available via delivery and is available for orders on Monday-Saturdays from 11am-8pm via their main webpage here. Don't forget to key in promo code "FOODIE15" upon checkout to get a 15% discount off total bill (excluding delivery charges).

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