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Monga Fried Chicken @ SingPost Centre, Paya Lebar

Monga Fried Chicken first introduced itself to Singapore’s palates back in September last year at JEM in Jurong East, followed by another outlet at Ion Orchard. It’s brand new outlet in SingPost Centre, Paya Lebar is not only its first on the east side of Singapore, but the only one (for now) with 25 dine-in seats.

That’s not the only surprise – this is the only Monga outlet in the world with Monga Fried Chicken Bento Sets, so you can pair either two pieces of Monga Fried Chicken or six pieces of Monga Nuggets with the familiar taste of chicken rice (either for $6.90)

The fried chicken pieces are a little bit larger than your average fast food fried chicken. Taste wise, it’s akin to its’ Taiwanese fried chicken original “The King”, seasoned with salt and pepper. But what really sets it apart is how crispy the chicken skin is – my words alone don’t do it justice. It’s probably the crispiest fried chicken skin I’ve ever tasted, with loud satisfying crunches in every mouthful.

I for one, welcome the addition of delicious chicken rice – I love to have my fast food fried chicken with a helping of rice, something I can find back in Malaysia but not in Singapore. The chicken rice here passes the taste test, I had a second helping of it myself. Don’t accidentally burn your tongue, the rice comes served piping hot.

The set comes with achar and in-house concocted hot chilli sauce developed for fiery taste buds. The new sauce, made with lemongrass, chilli and garlic and a secret ingredient can also be found at all other Singapore Monga spots.

For me, the new hot chilli sauce is the perfect companion to Monga’s Nuggets ($5.90 ala carte). It’s not like your regular nuggets, more like small dark meat thigh chicken pieces with the skin left intact. You get about four jumbo sized pieces in a bag that’s honestly enough for a lunch meal on its own.

As if all that wasn’t sinful enough, we also got to try Monga’s Fried Chicken Skin ($3.90). You get a generous portion in a bag full that makes a great on-the-go snack. I wish it was a little more spicy on its own, but the hot chilli sauce gives it the kick I need.

If you’re not a rice person, there are a few set meal options that go with Monga’s Sweet Potato Fries instead.

  • 2 pieces Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries and a soda ($8.90)

  • 3 pieces Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, salad and a soda ($11.90)

  • Family Combo - 6 pieces Monga Crispy Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, 6 pieces Monga Nuggets, 2 salads and 2 sodas ($24.90)

  • Party Combo - 10 pieces Monga Crispy Chicken, 2 Sweet Potato Fries, 12 pieces Monga Nuggets, 2 Monga Fried Chicken Skin, 2 salads and 4 sodas ($42.90)

Another store-exclusive menu item at Monga SingPost are these two brown sugar bubble milk teas ($4.20 each). Green tea addicts can opt for the Green Dragon or get the oolong-based Black Dragon for something familiar to your typical brown sugar beverage.

Prefer Monga’s signature Taiwanese Fried Chicken ($6.90)? SingPost still sells familiar flavours like The King (salt and pepper), Hot Chick (chilli powder) and The Taiker (seaweed seasoning) in its heavy 280g minimum, 2cm thick glory.

Plus, if you buy Monga's signature Taiwanese Fried Chicken, you can top-up $0.10 for chicken rice, achar, chilli sauce and one of Monga’s Iced Teas (sorry, not the bubble teas). This offer is only valid at SingPost centre until March 15, 2020.

Monga Fried Chicken

SingPost Centre

10 Eunos Rd 8,#01-131

Singapore 408600

Other outlets located in ION Orchard and Jem, Jurong East

Opening Hours:

Daily 10 AM – 10 PM

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