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  • Liwen Ong

Miyagawa Unagiya Icinoji, Robertson Quay

Leading up to my graduation trip to Japan, I have been researching and coming up with a list of restaurants to visit when I’m there.

Turns out I got to experience Miyagawa Honten earlier than I expected! Miyagawa is unveiling its very first outlet outside Japan right here in Singapore. With its outlet in Meguro-ku, Tokyo recently awarded the Bib Gourmand in Michelin Guide, I had very high expectations of their Unagi.

Upon entering the restaurant, I immediately felt like I stepped into one of those cosy Izakaya restaurants you’d find in Japan. And upon entering, you'd be greeted with a tank full of eels upon entering this 34-seater restaurant.

The unagi here is served in three different styles: the Hitsumabushi, the Seiro Mushi and the Mamushi Donburi.

I first got to try their signature Hitsumabushi dish ($19.80 for small; $26.80 for medium; $32.80 for large; $77.80 for extra large) which is served in all of Miyagawa’s outlets in Japan.

If you are a big eater like me, you may want to order the large portion instead. The XL portion is actually catered for around 3 to 4 people. At first bite, I could taste the freshness of the unagi and it was very well done. I really appreciated the fact that I did not have to put up with any rubbery texture or fishy smell throughout my dinner.

The next dish I got to try was the Seiro Mushi ($19.80), which is prepared Fukuoka style. The unagi is charcoal grilled then steamed together with the kinshi egg and Hokkaido rice in a bamboo steamer. The highlight of this dish is the fragrant steam that slowly leaves your bowl tantalising your taste buds even before the first bite. This dish is enjoyed with the condiments provided on the table. Personally, I enjoyed it best with the spicy sauce.

Saving the best for last, my favourite dish among the three that this restaurant offers is the Mamushi Donburi ($$18.80) which is served with Japanese yam, Mentaiko, Kinshi eggs and onsen egg. I found this dish the best value for your money due to the amount of ingredients found in the bowl.When mixed together, the texture resembles sticky rice due to the texture of the Japanese Yam. Nonetheless, I found this dish the most unique. One where I would not know where else to find.

Tip: As tasty as the unagi is, DO NOT gobble it down like I did. Be careful of small bones. Although the restaurant did say that the bones were edible, I was a little weary and didn't take the chance.

As both the Seiro mushi and Mamushi Donburi are only available in this outlet. I will not be surprised to find unagi fans in this restaurant. With a history of preparing unagi that spans 125 years, I highly recommend Unagiya Ichinoji as your next stop to get your Unagi fix!

Miyagawa Unagiya Icinoji

01-05 Riverside View,

Robertson Quay

Singapore 238251 Tel: 6732 1970

Operating Hours: Daily 11:30am to 3pm; 5:30pm to 10pm Facebook/Instagram: @UnagiyaIchinoji

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