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Mitzo, Singapore brings a feast to the Lunar new year

Thinking of where to take your family this coming Chinese new year? Why not celebrate the festivities with Mitzo’s signature Yu Sheng and quintessential Peng Cai, and toast to the new year with artisanal cocktails specially concocted to mark the occasion!

This coming Lunar New Year, Mitzo Restaurant and Bar has created an abundance feast for the Lunar new year celebration. This new menu is a modern take on traditional Lunar New Year delights and will be available from 1 – 28 February 2018. So hurry and get booking!

Upgrade your traditional Yee Sang with popular favourites, such as Mitzo’s signature Kanpachi King Fish Yu Sheng. This will cost S$78++ (Regular size ideal for 4 – 6 persons) and for larger groups it will cost S$128++ (Large party for 10 persons).

Made by Chef Nicky Ng’s, the Yu Sheng is served with generous lashings of Kanpachi King Fish, both sweet and rich in flavour, and is known as one of the finest sashimi fish by the Japanese. The Kanpachi sashimi sits atop a sea of lychee caviar; so you can taste bursts of refreshing lychee sweetness in between each bite. The play on textures and flavours makes this Yu Sheng a one of a kind experience that you wouldn't want to miss! Definitely satisfying those taste buds.

If you are looking for something a little lighter, check out Mitzo’s Fruits Yu Sheng, which is also suitable for vegetarians. For the Regular size it will cost S$58++ and for the Large portion is is SGD$88++. A healthy and refreshing combination of mango, rock melon, honeydew, pomelo and pomegranate topped with crispy enoki mushroom, and slender slices of springy Konjac (Konnyaku) jelly.

This refreshing platter is served with a light and tangy sauce of persimmon, salted prune, osmanthus syrup, and rice vinegar combined to balance the sweetness of the fruits. Talk about delicious and light!

Also, why not enjoy the lavish Peng Cai – in three delectable variations –Superior, Braised Duck and Lobster “Peng Cai”. The luxurious one-pot dish consists of over 10 sumptuous Cantonese delicacies including abalone, dried scallop stuffed with radish, flower mushroom, sea cucumber, deep-fried fish maw, dried oyster, cabbage, lotus root and roasted duck, all topped with fatt choy.

The Superior “Peng Cai” costs S$398++ per table for 4 persons, and for 8 persons S$788++ per table. As for the Braised Duck “Peng Cai”, this costs S$398++ per table for 4 persons, and for 8 persons it costs SGD$788++ per table. For the Lobster “Peng Cai”, this costs S$498++ per table for 4 People and for 8 persons, it is S$988++ per table.

Made for seven hours over the stove, each ingredient in the Peng Cai is simmered with Mitzo’s homemade broth comprising of a mixture of Chu Hou sauce and baked pork bone broth to make it more flavourful and unique.

If that's not enough to set you in the Chinese New Year mood, take a look at Mitzo’s Chinese New Year Set Menus!

Celebrate reunions with your loved ones over a feast with Mitzo’s curated set menus for the Lunar New Year. The set menus are perfect for couples to groups of 10 people which will range from S$108++ per person to S$1,288++ per table.

Mitzo's Chinese New Year Set A costs S$108++ per person, this is ideal for couples and or small groups. Satisfy your appetite with a comforting Double boiled fish maw with nameko mushroom in carrot broth, Stir-fried spare pork rib in red yeast sauce; Steamed codfish with preserved pork liver, pork sausage, and preserved vegetables in soya. Also, not forgetting the Lobster meat fried rice with pork liver and pork preserved sausage.

For dessert, enjoy a chilled shredded coconut flesh and coconut water jelly combined with pineapple puff which is Mitzo’s rendition of the must-have pineapple tart. This is something you wouldn't want to miss this coming Lunar new year!

Bring your loved ones for a 8-Course Yu Sheng Set, starting from S$498++ for a table of 4 and for a table of 8 it will cost S$988++. Indulge in the Mitzo’s Golden prosperity salmon Yu Sheng, along with highlights such as Stir fried dried oyster with roasted pork belly and seasonal green in white pepper sauce; Sea cucumber with six head abalone, fa cai, mushroom and seasonal greens; and Truffle Ee Fu noodles with lobster claw. Round up your meal on a sweet note with Mitzo’s Homemade Koi fish nian gao.

For a big celebration with copious amount of choices to indulge with, Mitzo's 6 Course Peng Cai set menu costs from S$698++ for a table of 4 and for a table of 8 or more is S$1588++. Feast in a starter of Mitzo’s Kanpachi King Fish Yu Sheng, served with highlights of the menu that offers the option of Superior, Braised duck or Lobster “Peng Cai”; together with either a truffle Ee Fu noodles with lobster claw, or Lobster meat fried rice with pork liver and pork preserved sausage.

Double the happiness with sweet endings as all sets conclude with both the Chilled shredded coconut flesh and coconut water jelly combined with pineapple puff, and Mitzo’s Homemade Koi fish nian gao. With this menu, you will feel like a king with all the combined delicious plates from the other two Chinese new year set, bringing a more flavourful and enticing experience shared with your loved ones.

That's not all! Join Mitzo’s toast to the Lunar New Year with their thoughtfully created artisanal cocktails. With a twist of tradition – enjoy the delights of a refreshing brew served within a claypot that features chrysanthemum-infused gin, Gailliano, lemon juice, mango juice, goji syrup, kaffir leaf and Angostura.

Savour in oriental and refreshing flavours with a floral aperitif cocktail of gin, Elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, grenadine syrup, and Mitzo’s special blend of red dates, longan and goji tea.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Mitzo's with your loves ones this coming Lunar New Year! Call +65 6603 8855 or email for reservations or enquiries.


Level 4 Grand Park,

270 Orchard Rd, 238857


Instagram: @mitzosg

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