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Miryoku Bistro @ Kallang Leisure Park

We all love a meal that is delicious and value for money! Miryoku Bistro which is an European-Japanese fusion restaurant just released its brand new menu and we were excited to taste some interesting dishes prepared by Chef Vincenzo.

We started off with the DIY Ferris Wheel (from $1.30/pc) that is a mini sushi canapé like starter which includes a selection of Foie Gras, Aburi Hotate with Truffle Paste, Shoyu Ikura, Salmon Mentai, Salmon Tobikl, Negitoro, Chirashi, Ebi Cocktail and Tamago served in nori cups from Tokyo. It was certainly a great way to start a meal.

We moved on next to the Okonomiyaki Pizza ($14.90) a rendition of a popular street food found in Osaka with a runny egg yolk in the middle. A true blend of Japanese and European cuisine that is truly delectable.

Another pizza we tried was a teriyaki chicken flavour ($14.90) on a homemade base mixed in with tomato sauce that was light but yet satisfying.

Chef Vincenzo takes pride in making all his pasta from scratch and served up fresh daily. This Gnocchi A La Vocka ($13.90) had a light texture to the gnocchi and the sauce was truly delectable that had us going back from more.

Another classic Italian dish was none other than a Traditional Lasagna ($13.90) which is Chef Vincenzo's grandmothers recipe. This was one of the highlights of the night as the dish was hearty, simplistic with bold flavours that brought back childhood memories for me.

We moved on to the Truffle Ravioli Homemade Ravioli ($16.90) stuffed with mushroom and truffle. However, the texture of the pasta was too thick and the balance between the stuffing was slightly out of proportion. But, thankfully, the creamy sauce brought the whole dish together beautifully.

We absolutely loved the Premium Donburi ($18.90) with its succulent Koro Koro beef slices with pan seared foie gras (additional $3) placed on top of fragrant Hokkaido rice. The beef was cooked to perfection and the whole dish was comforting and delicious.

The last main dish we tried for the night was the Beef Monacchia ($18.90). This was supposed to be a juicy ribeye beef steak wrapped up in a golden crisp puff pastry served with vegetables and red wine sauce on the side. However when we cut open the dish, the pastry was not cooked through and the meat was not seasoned. When it was brought to the table the second time, the pastry was raw on the inside and it didn't turn out either on the 3rd try as there was a clear problem with the pastry with the meat being overcooked as well. This dish is something that clearly needs to be worked on and the recipe needs to be altered. But bear in mind, this is only one dish out of the many that were great successes.

We ended with a Matcha Latte in a Waffle Cup ($9) or coffee in a Biscotti Cup from ($8.90) specially air-flown from Italy.

Overall we had a fantastic time tasting this curated menu. There was definitely some outstanding dishes and ones that could be improved over time. Do check it out and bring your friends along for live band performances every Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm-11pm.

Miryoku Bistro

#01-40 Kallang Leisure Park

5 Stadium Walk Singapore


Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday: 11am-11:00pm

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