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Mid-Summer Menu @ Kushikatsu Tanaka, Clarke Quay

Japan's Largest kushikatsu chain restaurant has just released a mid-summer menu in Singapore's downtown area bustling in Clarke Quay.

There is an outdoor area at the entrance of the restaurant, perfect to chill while enjoying the late evening breeze (when there is one)!

The indoor interior is very simplistic and comfortable with wooden interiors. It almost feels like you've just stepped into a cosy restaurant in Japan.

It was a rather warm day when I went to Kushikatsu Tanaka, so I started off with the limited-edition Pineapple Tsukekami Highball ($6) which was certainly refreshing and was what i just needed to cool down from the heat.

This mid-summer menu promotion comes with a range of deep fried skewers, Beef Cube Steak, Aburi Shima Saba (cured mackerel on the far left) and Amaebi Karage (deep fried sweet shrimp on the top).

The deep fried skewers include the Pork Ham Kudhi ($1.50), the Ben Imo Goma Dango Kushi, which is a sweet potato ball ($2.50), and the Unagi Kushi ($2.50). These can be dipped into the various sauces provided on the table.

I personally preferred the spicy mayo and the hot sauce for dipping. And if you are an oreo lover, you may also try a deep fried oreo stick for dessert.

The Amaebi Karage ($10), a crispy deep fried shrimp, went perfectly well with the spicy mayo, and perfect with a glass of one of the limited edition cocktails Kushikatsu Tanaka has on offer.

The Beef Cube Steak ($14) was juicy, delicious and tender. A good portion for one person to nibble on.

All these items above are part of Kushikatsu Tanaka's mid-summer promotion and will only be available until mid-September.

We also had the chance to try out some of the dishes on the main menu that are available all year round!

If you like mashing up your own salad then this DIY Potato Salad ($8) is just for you. It came in a large bowl filled with potatoes, mayonnaise, a braised egg, freshly ground black pepper, and bacon bits.

This cheese omelette also known as the Cheese Peiyaki ($8) is drizzled with Japanese mayo and Okonomiyaki sauce.

The night ended with this enormous Chiritori Hotpan Beef ($34) which was rather large that it can be shared between four people. There were a few thin slices of spicy marinated wagyu beef and innards on a bed of bean sprouts.

However, the beansprouts made up most of this dish and it was not spicy at all with the sauce leaning towards the sweet side. The 'wow' factor from the presentation did not translate into the taste of this dish and in my opinion was rather disappointing.

In my opinion, the whole experience here was quite underwhelming for me and did not live up to the standards that it claims to be. However do give it a go and try out the seasonal mid-summer menu available for a limited time only.

Kushikatsu Tanaka Singapore

3A River Valley Road

Merchant's Court Clarke Quay

Block A #1-01B Singapore 1790

Operating Hours

Mondays-Thursdays: 12pm-2:30pm, 5pm-12am

Fridays & Eve of PH: 12pm - 2:30pm, 5pm- 2am

Saturdays: 11am - 1am,

Sundays and PHs: 11am -12am

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