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Marriott Marquis, Queen’s Park Bangkok

Marriott Marquis isn’t my first experience staying at one of the Marriott properties. The first time I experienced the true hospitality of Marriott was at Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. Marrying the humble hospitality of Thais and the standard of service at Marriott, any stay at a Marriott in Thailand is promising. Our recent stay at Marriott Marquis at Queen’s Park Bangkok was no different.

From start to end, our experience was one steeped in luxury and tranquility. Upon arrival, we were greeted by willing staff who took our bags and checked us in promptly. Then we were showed up to our rooms and our luggages were brought up.

We even got welcome baskets from the hotel with local snacks.

We were given rooms with the pool view and Queen’s Park. The pool was quiet and peaceful most of the time. We even managed a stroll through the park one day, to get to EmQuartier and it was such a peaceful setting.

The hotel grounds are perfectly landscaped to match the Queen’s Park and guests are given direct access (and a little shortcut) to the park.

When my travel partner, Joy Chong, posted up that she would be staying at Marriott Marquis at Queen’s Park, her fans started flooding her with messages saying that we would LOVE the breakfast.

It built up quite a lot of anticipation and we couldn’t wait to try their breakfast buffet. We were lucky enough to be staying at Marriott Marquis for two nights and that was enough time for us to familiarise ourselves with their extensive buffet spread!

From congee and dim sum to an array of Indian dishes, to local Thai delicacies, to freshly baked pastries and all the spreads we could imagine, Marriott Marquis’ breakfast buffet lived up to its hype and more.

We couldn’t even try one of each item before feeling full in the two days we had stayed there! But notable things we tried included a cinnamon sugar donut (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it), barbeque grilled pork (BEST we’ve tried in all of our lives!) and their freshly blended goji berry milkshakes.

Also any place that does bacon two ways (soft and crispy) has our hearts forever.

After you’re done indulging in all of that rich food, you can have scoops of artisanal ice cream with all the almond flakes you could dream of. This was definitely the best way for us to start our day everyday!

We even tried playing our own breakfast - what do you guys think?

Our stay at Marriott Marquis is one we won’t easily forget. It was a trip made memorable by their outstanding service, amazing breakfast buffet and did we mention that their hotel toiletries are made by local brand Thann? Overall, a stay at Marriott Marquis at Queen’s Park Bangkok IS the quintessential luxury Thai experience every traveller needs.

A room stay at Marriott Marquis at Queen’s Park Bangkok starts from RM696++ (S$230++). Book your room now here.

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