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Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2

Marmalade has revamped their entire space from the tired yellow and white interior to a fresh tropical vibe. This is a space where you can catch up with your friends over brunch and also a good place to bring your kids to have a relaxed midweek lunch.

There were five of us dining at Marmalade that afternoon and we had plenty to eat. We started off with a couple of starters. The first was a roasted pumpkin soup - part of their soup of the day menu.

I personally enjoyed the roasted pumpkin soup of the day (RM18). The addition of garlic to the broth really lifted the flavours. It took me back to my childhood days when I would wait outside the kitchen dying for that chunky soup simmering on the stove for hours.

Our next dish was the smoked duck soba (RM22), which has a great combination of flavours. Add anything with roasted sesame dressing and its a winner for me. It was a really hot day and this chilled soba salad was just what I needed.

The dish that had me going back for more was the Baked Mac & Cheese (RM19) from the kids menu which had the perfect balance of cheese and crunchy breadcrumbs on the top. Don't be fooled into thinking it will be a small portion just because it's on the kids menu. We found this to be quite sizeable.

The Superfood salad (RM29) was really refreshing and easy to eat. Works great as a sharing bowl and easy for the kids and mums to share a healthy lunch.

One of the heavier dishes we had during the meal was the salmon. The pan seared miso salmon (RM40) was a good dish and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, however I would have preferred if it was taken off the stove a minute earlier as the fish was slightly dry when it came to the table.

Photo credit: Joy Chong

Everyone loves a bowl full of Italian goodness. The spaghetti, poached eggs and beef bacon bits were cooked well, however as the menu stated “Traditional Carbonara” (RM27) it did not do the dish any justice as the lack of depth in the sauce failed to bring all the ingredients together. If anything, the dish came off rather bland and did not have much seasoning. I believe there is a long way to go with this dish and much improvement to be made.

We ended up saving some space in our stomach for a Berry Bliss (RM20) smoothie bowl (because we didn't really touch much of the carbonara). This refreshing bowl is filled with a banana based smoothie topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds and sliced bananas - something healthy that will energise you through the day.

Overall, lunch was enjoyable save for the carbonara. We would come back to try their other dishes.


1F.18, Level 1, Bangsar Village II, 2,

Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59100

Opens 10am -10pm

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