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Maltby Street Market, London

Photo by Samad | View of the street Street markets have become a widespread across every corner of the big bustling city of London, ranging from touristic ones like the Borough Market to slightly smaller and less busy ones like the Maltby Street Market in the LASSCO Ropewalk. I visited the Maltby Street Market because I wanted to avoid the crowds. Much to my relief, the market wasn't as jam packed as others I've been to, which made my whole experience a lot more comfortable and pleasant.

Photo by Samad | One of the vendors

Photo by Samad | Waffle On

Photo by Samad | The waffle display!

Photo by Samad | Goat's Cheese, Fig and Blueberry waffles (£6)

There are lots of foods prepared by a colourful array of artisan producers and cooks over here! Eager to try everything, I set out to consume at least 3 plates of different meals. The first one was a Goat's Cheese, Fig and Blueberry waffle (£6) from Waffle On. Quick note; you should always anticipate slightly smaller portions in London because realistically, this city is expensive and eating out is truly treated as a luxury. My paper plate of waffles were not big, in fact it mostly made up of the goat's cheese. However, I did enjoy the combination of all the ingredients they put together. I would never have thought of having sweet figs with savoury goat's cheese on top of my waffles, so kudos to you! But as much as I liked it, would I return and pay £6 for this waffle dish again? Probably not. It's a little pricey, and there are plenty of other places where you can get gnarly looking waffles for a much more affordable price range.

Photo by Samad | Thai Curry Noodle by Greedy Khai (£7)

Next was the Thai Curry Noodle from Greedy Khao! This was their vegan version that wasn't shy of ingredients like fresh vegetables, tofu, nori and noodles, as you can see from the photo above. I enjoyed this one a lot! Its portion was great, flavours were on point and a good reminiscent of traditional curry noodles back home in KL. And for £7, I think that this worth the price!

Photo by Samad | The Beefsteaks impressive grill!

Photo by Samad | Steak and Chips from The Beefsteaks (£8)

The highlight dish for me was the Steak and Chips from The Beefsteaks. As simple as this may look, a good piece of steak should be grilled to a soft medium rare on the inside and with a layer of crispy, smokiness on the outside. And this was all of those things!!! Along with their special hollandaise sauce (some sort of mustardy take on the hollandaise) and freshly fried up chips, this was definitely a hot dish to remember! I thought the steak was so delicious! This whole thing was £8, which I admit, was a little on the expensive side. But quite worth it as the beef was perfectly prepared, juicy, sinful and mouth-watering!

Photo by Samad | Cocktails Mother's Ruin (£5) and Rhubarb Sour (£6) by Little Bird

While scoffing down the succulent pieces of steak, we sat down at Little Bird and ordered ourselves some refreshing cocktails too. Because I was getting dehydrated from all the savoury goodness I was devouring, I ordered a simple and quenching cocktail called the Mother's Ruin (£5) which consists of Little Bird & Fever Tree Mediterranean Gin and Pink Grapefruit while my partner ordered the Rhubard Sour (£6) which consisted of Little Bird Gin, home-grown rhubarb, lemon, egg white, bitters and a lot of love! I'm a major fan of gin and love to discover gin micro-distilleries and brands from around the UK, so I'm one to appreciate any drink with a healthy mix of independently distilled gin. However, if I had to choose between these 2 that we ordered, I'd direct you towards the Rhubarb Sour! I loved the Mother's Ruin because it did help me rehydrate my sandy throat, but the Rhubarb Sour was so decadent and fluffy, I couldn't resist stealing it from my partner and having almost 3/4 of it for myself. Both are sweet though so regardless, I'm sure anyone could appreciate these cocktails!

Photo by Samad | Baristas hard at work!

Photo by Samad | Coffee in front of the Rope Walk!

Before we headed off, we bought a cup of coffee each to-go from this tiny stall at the start of the street market. The coffee beans are by Notes and were a craft roast from Brazil. Mine was a creamy cup of caffe latte! My partner had an oat milk cappuccino and they used oat milk from Minor Figures, an independent company from East London that makes their own organic oat milk. Everything about our coffees were good! So if you want a satisfying cup while you're there, worry no more, these baristas have you covered! So while you're in London, looking for a slightly quieter, less chaotic foodie spot to venture out into, hop onto a bus or underground tube and head across the river to Maltby Street Market. It's a great way to spend your afternoon trying different food and having a good time over drinks! If you're not keen on outdoor street food, there are also indoor cafes and restaurants located along the street. Look out for what you like and go for it! Maltby Street Market, 37 Maltby St, London SE1 3PA Opening Hours: Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday 11am - 4pm.

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