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  • Amanda Huang

Mad Mex Singapore @ Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 3

Australia's leading healthy and fresh Mexican chain outlet, Mad Mex has opened its first Singapore store in Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 3. This chain outlet is no stranger to fellow Aussies and Kiwis, with more than 70 outlets operating in both countries.

Mad Mex offers classic Mexican favourites and is widely known for serving fresh, healthy and customisable burritos, prioritising quality and fresh ingredients daily.

Ordering a meal here is simple – first, choose one out of the seven styles of dishes available, then choose the type of meat filling. Move on to the salsa, which consists of three levels of spiciness, finally finish off with the various toppings available at the counter.

Wash your meal down with Jarritos (S$4.50 a bottle). It's a popular soft drink in Mexico and comes in three tropical flavours – Mandarin, Guava and Lime, the perfect beverage to balance these rich full-bodied meals with.

Their Signature Burrito (small $8.90; regular $11.50) uses soft flour tortilla and comes with various meat fillings to have with like the Chicken Pollo, Chorizo Chicken, Beef Babacoa, and for vegetarians, the Veracruz Tofu.

In addition to that, there are several toppings to complete your meal with. Choose between the freshly blended salsa, black beans, guacamole, corn, fajita, sour cream, cheese, salad, and many more. We were definitely spoilt for choice with their topping selections.

The Naked Buritto (small $8.90; regular $11.50) is a lighter version of their Signature Burrito as it's served without the soft flour tortilla. It's the perfect option for those who opt for a completely customisable gluten free/vegan meal.

Moving forward, the Tacos (1 Taco $4.50; 3 Tacos $10.90) are uniquely palatable as it holds an interesting softer texture as compared to the soft flour tortilla. We'd recommend to get their Beef Barbacoa for your meat option. It's 50 cents extra but it's worth it – the beef is seasoned with real Ancho chillies and aromatic spices, then cooked on a slow-fire for a full 8 hours until it's tender. Additionally, these tacos can be swapped with a soft corn option catering to gluten-intolerant patrons.

The Quesadilla ($11.50) comes with a generous dose of melted cheese and is lightly toasted on both sides. It has a subtle crisp bite. These quesadillas are complemented with two flavour pack sauces – salsa and creamy sour cream, an ideal meal to have as a snack or share amongst your friends.

We ended our meal with a decadent serving of Churros ($5.90) which are deep fried on the spot, rolled in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, and served alongside a velvety luxe Belgian chocolate sauce.

Mad Mex

Marina Bay Financial Tower (MBFC)

Tower 3, 12 Marina Blvd, #02-05,

Singapore, 018982


Operating Hours

8am - 8pm (Monday - Friday)

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

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