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Loop & Scoop, Glasgow

Photo from Loop & Scoop's Instagram | The facade of Loop & Scoop

It's been extremely cold here in Glasgow but for some reason, I've been craving more desserts and sweets, instead of the usual warm cup of soup. So what better way to satisfy my cravings than visiting one of West End's most popular dessert places, Loop & Scoop, a churros and gelato spot!

Loop & Scoop is located at a corner lot along Great Western Road, nearby many other popular foodie locations, Hillhead and also the Botanical Garden.

Photo by Samad | Over the counter ordering service.

The space is super colourful and inviting! I love how playful everything looks. It successfully attracts the attention of all kinds of potential customers, and this was evident because while we were there, it was constantly full of people coming in to have churros and gelato, away from the snow!

Photo by Samad | I love the interior of the place!

Photo by Samad | Signature Loop & Scoop for £6.25!

Photo by Samad | Vegan Cookie Galore with Cookies and Cream ice cream and Mint ice cream for £6.25!

I ordered the signature loop and scoop called Vegan Cookie Galore which is a long churro coated in dark chocolate glaze and crushed Oreos that can be served with vegan gelato, however I wasn't feeling very particular about my dairy consumption so I went for a scoop of Cookies and Cream gelato and Mint gelato. Here is my honest opinion, I really liked the churros. It was very fulfilling and it 100% satisfied my sweet craving! It was also very crunchy because it was was freshly made to order. I will return for the churros for sure.

In terms of the gelato, I'm pretty fussy because I have been spoilt by authentic Italian gelato. This one was more like ice cream (and there is a significant difference between the two! Google it)! It's definitely not like the homemade and hand-churned type of gelato, it's more of the typical industrial type you can get at many other ice cream shops, but I mean it was still alright! I think if you have a craving or just want something to cool you off from a hot day (which ironically wasn't in my case haha), then this is a good option for you. But don't expect gelato like the ones in the streets of Italy.

Photo by Samad | My pal, Emmy from Food Notes Glasgow ordered churros with peanut butter sauce for £4.50. The straight churros are dusted with sugar!

Photo by Samad | Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows for £3.60!

I also had hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. It was very sweet because it wasn't the dark chocolate type of drink, more like the milky hot chocolate kind but I was fine with it because I was desperately craving sugar so it's definitely one for you lot with an extreme sweet tooth!

For the Loop & Scoop churro and the hot chocolate, I paid £9.85, which is honestly not bad!

Overall, I loved Loop & Scoop! It's such a cute place, service was pretty good and I liked the fact that they have a signature menu of churros with different toppings, add-ons and sauces! If you're looking for a place dedicated to sugary goodness, then head on down to Loop & Scoop!

Loop & Scoop

665 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8RE Tel: 0141 334 6600

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thurs 9am-10pm Fri – Sat 9am-11pm Sunday 10am-10pm




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