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  • Sarah Ahmad

Locavore, Glasgow South Side

When I lived in the South Side of Glasgow two years ago, I used to do my grocery shopping at a nearby neighbourhood grocer that stocked vegetables of different varieties, fresh farm chicken and duck eggs, as well as meats from ethical farms. It was my go-to grocer for non-packaged foods and fresh produce. So, I was super happy to learn that their business has now flourished and grown into something much bigger and better!

​Locavore was once a small space in Nithsdale Road, but has now grown to a large local organic grocer located on Victoria Road. During their launch event, I was surprised to see their the physical shop itself has increased about 5 times its original size and now has its own cafe serving food from their farm!

It makes me happy to see that Locavore has grown this much, especially with their mission of educating the public about zero-waste and supporting the local economy.

The store has achieved all sorts of first! It's the first social enterprise supermarket in Scotland, the first large mostly organic, mostly unpackaged store in Scotland, it's the first fully organic cafe in Glasgow AND has the first Swiss Franc operated urban milk vending machine in the whole country. The milk vending machine serves up milk by Mossgiel, a local Scottish milk farm. You're encouraged to bring your own bottle and pay to refill your bottles with milk, to reduce any packaging waste. They encourage the same practice with their nuts, oats, pastas, rice and flours too. Bring your own jar or zip lock bags, load them up, weigh them and pay the costs - no packaging, no waste. It's a great way to change the culture of constantly contributing to excessive waste! Same goes with almond butter and oils - bring your own jars or bottles, fill 'em up and pay the costs! You get the idea.

With the public learning more and educating themselves about the effects we have on the environment and climate change, places like Locavore impress me constantly with their passionate ethical practices. They have support by Zero Waste Scotland, which enables them to go further with implementing measures to reduce waste across the supermarket and cafe. To put it into context, for example, the milk vending machine allows them to save around 500 plastic bottles per week!

If you're thinking of taking your first step at supporting a local supermarket and reducing your waste, definitely give Locavore a visit! You can make little changes in your daily lives that will impact positively towards our environment and Locavore is the place you can go to to change your habits.

Website: Address: 349 Victoria RoadGlasgow G42 7SA Phone:

0141 328 3303 / 0141 423 8685 Email: Opening hours:

8 am – 8 pm every day Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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