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Lean & Rush, Nu Sentral

With circumstances being as it is right now, health and safety is more important than ever. Prioritising our health is part of the whole “new norm” we need to adjust to. So if you’re already back to work (especially for those who work around Sentral area) and you’re looking for something quick and healthy, Lean & Rush is the latest go-to for you.

Lean & Rush is all about making sure you get healthy, balanced meals despite being in a rush. This salad bar/sandwich cafe serves up gorgeous salad bowls where you can choose your base (greens/brown rice/quinoa +RM2) and enjoy it with tasty protein toppings.

We hear the tricoloured quinoa is a must-try!

We got to try their smoked salmon bowl (RM19.90), which had a greens base, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, purple cabbage, cucumber and mango. Talk about hearty and healthy! I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling very full after this bowl.

What ties the whole salad together is of course, the sauces and Lean & Rush make their own sauces like honey sriracha, creamy wasabi as well as ranch yogurt. Yum!

Besides salad bowls, they also do really delicious sandwiches (which can either be done as wraps, as a stuffed croissant +RM1.50 or with Turkish bread).

We got the smoked duck wrap (RM15.90), which was a nice light meal that didn’t leave us too sleepy which is usually typical of those heavy carb overload lunches some of us are used to. Wraps are perfect because they’re filling enough to last us the day but not too heavy that we will want to fall into a food coma later on!

We chose to have our meals delivered (rather than dining in) so excuse the slightly messy croissant sandwich photo, but this was definitely one of the highlights of our meal. The honey sriracha chicken croissant sandwich (RM11.90 + RM1.50) is what I would call the perfect balance if you’re looking for something a little more on the heavier side without overstuffing yourself.

Besides delicious sandwiches and salad bowls, to cap off the perfect meal at Lean & Rush, you can pick up a bottle of Boocha kombucha. These probiotic teas are absolutely delicious and keeps those digestive flora happy!

So if you work around the Sentral area or you’re popping by that vicinity, do check out Lean & Rush for their healthy meals. They also have a really attractive “Pay Any Price For Coffee” promo happening right now.

For delivery, head on to their Beepit page at or find them on major delivery partner apps like Foodpanda, Grabfood and DeliverEat.

Lean & Rush

Unit No. GF-38, Nu Sentral Mall

No, 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,

50470 Kuala Lumpur

Open daily from 7am-10pm

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