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  • Amanda Huang

Lé Fusion @ The Pier, Robertson Quay

Lè Fusion is all about 樂 (‘le’, which means‘joy’ in Chinese) – a sophisticated east-meets-west dining destination situated by the Singapore river founded by a husband-wife duo, with dishes inspired by their favourite dishes from around the world.

We were served an amuse-bouche whilst waiting for our orders to arrive – a dainty Focaccia Rose Mantou that is made in house using a blend of pumpkin and original flour, infused with hints of oregano herbs, then shaped into a rose, served alongside a vinaigrette dressing.

Moving on to their appetisers is a hearty yet flavourful Crispy Belly Pork Mantou ($12) inspired by a classic filipino Léchon (suckling pig). Lè Fusion has fusionised this dish by using slow-roasted pork belly (the crunchy crackling was the best part), served together with a mix of marinated salted vegetables, mayonnaise and crushed peanuts, sandwiched between a warm pillowy mantou.

Another worthy appetiser to order is the Imperial Double Boiled Soup ($28) –a luxurious rendition to the conventional "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall", which incorporates the premium Nu Er Hong rice wine. This comforting soup consists of a myriad of other premium ingredients such as abalone, scallops, dried oyster and nutritious Chinese herbs that is double-boiled overnight. The rice wine is served on the side to so you can add it on to your liking. We personally enjoyed having the soup together with the rice wine, as the combination of the rice wine enhanced the overall taste with a tinge of sweetness.

Foie Gras aficionados wouldn't want to miss their pan-seared Rougie Foie Gras ($25). This rich and buttery foie gras is served a bed of chewy Chinese glutinous rice, surrounded by a tangy in-house made sauce and topped with a generous portion of tobiko.

Moving on to the mains, are imprints of the husband-wife duo's culinary palates from traveling in parts of Australia, Europe as well as Asia.

The Tsingtao Beef Filet de Beouf ($42) comprises high-grade Australian Augustus Beef Tenderloin (180g), which has been softened through a 12-hour infusion with Tsingtao beer. The beef is then grilled to the doneness of your choice, with an accompaniment of a generous dollop of rich-velvety cauliflower potato mash and papadam.

Bite into tender pieces of Australian lamb rack consisting of flavours from an interesting blend of Eastern-Western ingredients. The Asian Crusted Provencal Lamb Rack ($46) is coated with breadcrumbs and provencal herbs with an unique incorporation of mandarin orange skins and Szechuan pepper, served alongside asparagus and refreshing minted barley. The lamb was well-cooked and had no gamey scent. This was definitely one of the best dishes we had that night.

Chef's Crispy Crusted Pork Roulade ($32) is Lè Fusion's masterpiece and signature dish – crisp and crunchy pork belly stuffed with a mixture of uncased sausage meat, and served atop an especial baby tomato that is soaked overnight in Shanghainese plum vine, and finally drizzled with piquillo yuzu emulsion and deep-fried golden mantou.

The Braised Abalone Seafood Rice($38) is derived from the ordinary and delicious Chinese mui fan, that is upgraded with a lavish combination of a seafood medley –comprising Tasmania 6-head abalone, chunky fresh scallops, fish, squids, mussels and prawns. All these seafood goodness are then drenched in Chef’s special savoury consommé, and served with crunchy bok choy and garnished with shredded carrots and chopped parsley.

Pastas are also available in Lè Fusion, but not like any ordinary pastas served in most places. The Trio Pasta ($34) is ideal for those who enjoy having a variety of different flavours in a single seating as this pasta combo consists of a colourful trilogy of green pesto, red chilli crab, and sesame squid ink flavours.

Moving on to their dessert offerings, have a sweet ending with delicate desserts such as Lè Fusion's Chendol ($14). The Chendol is a light and refreshing concoction of chendol bits, kidney beans, jelly and crushed ice drizzled with coconut milk, and elevated with a hint of Baileys cream.

Last but not least, the Panna Cotta with Sweet Glutinous ($14), boasts a perfect marriage of the classic Italian panna cotta and the Asian pulut hitam (black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk), garnished with a crispy house-made lotus seed tuille for an added crunch.

Lè Fusion is hands down one of the better fusion restaurants available in town and has portrayed its creativity, passion and excellence in service during our dining experience with them. Do head on to their website for more information or reservation inquiries.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday-5pm-1am, Sunday-4pm10pm

Address: The Pier at Robertson 80 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-7 8/9, Singapore 239013

Contact: +65 6363 9966




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