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La Juiceria Superfoods Signature, Nadi Bangsar

La Juiceria’s new outlet in Nadi Bangsar is seriously on-point! I am in love with their stunning chrome and marble details, neon signs, lush greenery and lots of natural light.

It is perfect for a business meeting, lunch with family, or just a casual get-together with friends. It also features an adorable play area for young foodies to entertain themselves.

Having opened its doors only on January 1, La Juiceria Superfoods Signature has already garnered quite the crowd. It is probably due to its new dishes that definitely seems to be a hit with us foodies.

Our standout dish was the Soft Shell Croissant (RM26). You will fall in love with the crispy soft shell crab that is paired with a delicious creamy and tangy sauce, served on top of a flaky croissant.

The Vietnamese Grilled Chicken Salad (RM22) is another favourite. The chicken was cooked absolutely perfectly, with the fat rendered down till crispy. The lemongrass chicken was full of flavour and still moist despite its crispness. We are also a fan of the dish’s sweet and tangy dressing that has a hint of spice.

If you love truffle, you would love La Juiceria’s Truffle Mexican Omelette (RM24). It is an omelette like no other! I love the textures from the bell peppers and corn, burst of flavour from the roasted cherry tomatoes, and the lovely truffle aroma emulating from the plate. It is also paired with some tortilla chips on the side to add some crunch to the dish.

The Fried Rice Quinoa (RM24) tastes exactly like fried rice, but healthier! I love the egg incorporated in the quinoa along with the fried shallots that makes up a typical fried rice dish!

I absolutely loved La Juiceria’s version of avo on toast. Their Avo Mashed Greens (RM22) features an avo pea mash, that is creamy and fresh. It is served with a perfectly poached egg, pesto and a lovely purée that adds flavour and brightness to the dish.

La Juiceria’s Thai Breakfast Brekkie (RM24) features a Thai sauce chicken that is creamy, tangy and slightly spicy with a fluffy brioche and runny poached egg. I loved all the flavours in this dish, and I must say that the Thai sauce chicken tastes amazing with the quinoa fried rice!

The French Brioche Toast (RM22) must be one of my favourite French toast dishes in town! The super fluffy French toast is a lovely golden colour, and served on a bed of delicious crunchy chocolate granola, fresh fruits and a lovely matcha cream. What’s not to love?

La Juiceria has one of my absolute favourite smoothie bowls - the Acai Berry Bowl (RM24). It features Brazil acai berries, banana, almond milk, maple syrup, granola, strawberries, bee pollen, desiccated coconut, and chia seeds. It is fresh, healthy and the perfect guilt-free dessert!

If you're feel parched, you can also try one of La Juiceria's many fresh cold-pressed juices. My go-to juice has to be their Berry Bliss (RM13.99) juice. It features strawberry, apple, beetroot, capsicum and lemon. It is tangy, sweet and refreshing!

Looking for a pick-me-up? La Juiceria also has a selection of caffeinated drinks as well. We tried Melbourne’s Magic (RM12) which is a double ristretto with steamed milk; Black Sesame Latte (RM12); and their Dirty Chai Latte (RM12).

Overall, I would have to say that I was very impressed with La Juiceria's new cafe. The menu is diverse and extensive with so many interesting dishes - you will definitely find something that picks your fancy!

The food was all amazing. The ingredients used were fresh and the plating gorgeous. I must say that it was also priced very reasonably, especially in comparison to other cafes in the neighbourhood.

Parking is also easy at Nadi Residence. There is parking in the building itself, and at the moment, it is free! However, security is quite strict. So be prepared to leave your driving licence at the guard house.

La Juiceria Superfoods Signature

Nadi Bangsar

Jalan Tandok, 59100 Kuala Lumpur,

Wilayah Persekutuan

Open daily from 8AM-10PM

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