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Kyushu Cuisine @ Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe, Wheelock Place

I have always been intrigued by the precision and simplicity of Japanese cuisine. Situated most south-west of Japan, Kyushu is Japan’s third largest island home to a wide range of seasonal produce. This island has an excellent reputation for its food across Japan.

The latest Kyushu Fair menu is specially prepared by Executive Chef Toshio Sawai. Chef Sawai’s illustrious culinary career had its beginnings in Kitcho, one of the most luxurious and reputable Japanese restaurants in Japan in 1983. Fast forward to now, you'd be able to find these amazing dishes right here in Singapore! Here are some of the signature regional dishes we tried.

To start, we had the Spicy Tenobe Fushimen Chips ($6.80), hand pulled wheat fried noodle chips. This pairs perfectly with a cold Asahi beer!

Next, we moved on to the Buri Teriyaki/Shioyaki ($28.80), which is a grilled Japanese "Buri" yellowtail, cooked to perfection. Pick your choice of sauce too: sweet teriyaki sauce or just plain salt. We personally prefer plain salt, so you'd get to savour the fresh taste of the fish.

Another starter we tried was the Sun style Goma Salmon ($15.80). The fresh thin slices of salmon sashimi is served with with Kyushu sweet soya sauce and a soft-boiled egg. The right way to eat this dish is to mix the sauce and egg together and dip the sashimi into the sauce mixture. This was one of our favourite dishes for the night!

Moving on to a mouth-watering grilled beef steak marinated in a savoury, nutty Kyushu sauce, Gyu Harami Houkou Sauce Yaki ($16.80). The umami flavour really stands out in this dish and the beef is so tender that it melts in your mouth!

If you fancy quail eggs then this Mentaiko & Uzara Tamago Buta Maki Age ($11.80) may just be for you. Wrapped with thinly sliced pork and spicy cod roe, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried to golden perfection! This is somewhat like Scotch Eggs done Japanese-style.

Moving on to the main dishes, this is the US Korobuta Agodashi Negi Shabu ($17.80) served with onions, vegetables and tofu on the side with a mini hotpot of flying fish soup stock. In any hotpot the broth is an important element, and this was unfortunately not my cup to tea (or bowl of soup), as I found this to be too salty for my liking. The dipping sauce on the side was also rather salty, so I didn't manage to enjoy the meat.

In Miyazaki, chicken tempura is a popular dish, and unique as it is usually drenched in a blanket of tartar sauce. But Sun with Moon has created its rendition of this dish, Chicken Nanban Mentai Tartar ($11.80), and has replaced the regular tartar sauce with a mentaiko tartar, for that extra oomph.

This is a limited-edition Kyushu version of Sun with Moon’s signature kamameshi - US Kurobuta Yakiniku Mentai Kamameshi ($22.80). This dish features sautéed sliced US kurobuta pork and seasoned cod roe, cooked in a metal pot with fragrant flavoured steamed rice. There are two ways you can eat this dish - first, mix the ingredients in the bowl and have it as it is with the broth on the side. Or, the other way to consume it is to tip the broth-filled teapot over your rice bowl. Personally, I enjoyed having the broth over the rice, as it brings the flavours together and it was easily my favourite dish of the night. Hey, rice lovers, this dish is definitely for you!

We ended the night with the 3 Kind Dessert Tofu ($9.80). And as the name suggests, the desserts are tofu! But not just any tofu. This is sourced from a Houmoto tofu shop in Kyushu featuring black sesame, peanut and Japanese green tea. This is definitely unlike the usual "beancurd tofu" you find everywhere in Singapore. This interesting dessert is softer and smoother! The black sesame one on the right was my favourite among the three.

Apart from this Kyushu signatures, other specialities include Kamameshi, Teppanyaki, Sushi & Sashimi as well as Regional Specialty Menu (changes every 3 months). So if you are craving for a bespoke Kyushu regional menu, head on over to Sun with Moon!

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

501 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wheelock Place,

Singapore 238880

Operation Hours:

Open for Lunch, Café & Dinner

12:00pm to 10:00pm (Sunday to Thursday & P.H.)

12:00pm to 10:30pm (Friday, Saturday & Eve of P.H)

Last Orders are set at half an hour before closing

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